Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the order of the day. You wrack your brain, hire professionals and break your back to create your website. Your entrepreneurial venture may or may not be internet-based. In today’s world information is no rarer. It is getting more and more real-time. Whether you have internet-based operations or not, your website must keep pace with the up to date information. SEO Services have thus become popular and in demand. There are several SEO companies and SEO agencies whose expertise helps you to draw traffic to your site

Here are some essential questions that need to be asked before hiring an SEO expert.

  1. Does he believe in content?

Content should be the foremost element in any SEO strategy. Gone are the days when SEO could be won over by dropping irrelevant links into the landing page. Today, search engines like Google maintain that websites promote natural link building. Even over-use of keywords can be penalized and search engine bots make sure that the rankings are demoted far below for any user to come across. High-quality content is the need of the day and SEO experts should focus a lot of their strategy on it. However, if you come across a professional who will put guiding links into the landing page before the content, there are reasons enough that you opt for another expert.

  • What’s his take on Google SEO initiatives?

Google is now getting stricter about content quality than it has ever been. An Internet marketing company has even launched a new SEO paradigm that will wipe out all fabricated link building techniques. Quality of the content should now be the prime motto of all SEO work and businesses that have overly optimized or are thick with links will be highly penalized. While hiring an SEO expert, one should certainly ask his strategies in combating Google’s initiatives and whether or not to use link building techniques.

Experts would suggest that this is a new world and to become the leaders in SERPs, one should highly focus on the content quality. Quality content has more chances of getting read and shared. This is becoming a much faster alternative to sponsored and paid content. Businesses see an immediate surge in traffic with good quality and interesting reads. However, quality content can only be produced by the best SEO companies.

  • How fast can he work on link generation and in what ways?

This is a tricky question here. If your SEO person goes boasting about the various ways in which he can apply link building techniques into your site, you would know that this is a bad bet. The better SEO experts will just have one answer and that there isn’t a fast way to link building. Natural link building takes time and requires quality content and impressive products. However, try to play dumb and listen to their interesting logics! This is a good way to fish out legitimate vendors.

  • Complete Guide for Site Evaluation

Does the SEO Company give you a guide for site evaluation? A trustworthy and best SEO company must have the skill to give you with a broad analysis of your website, about design structure and ranking. It can be complete by doing an audit to the website. The effect of this audit will permit the SEO Company to give you a proposal of how much work wants to be complete to bring you to a specific ranking level. They have to be capable to suggest and troubleshoot all areas related to content, performance, and design which could hinder the indexing or reading of your pages.

  • Cost Composition

A trusted SEO firm will not only provide you a quote once they check out how much work has to be integrated. Offering you high charges will not essentially confirm you get good quality services. It even does not confirm that the rate being quoted is consistent and proportional with the services you expect the SEO firm will give. A reliable SEO firm should be capable to provide you a ramshackle of services to which the price and performance contract will be perfectly based upon.

  • Timeline

There are some SEO service providers and they offer SEO plans which claim to put you in the search result’s first page in just 10 days. Practically, however, no SEO firm can assure you in the first position in Google’s search result in just 10 days.

  • Useful Tools in Checking Keywords

What type of tools does the SEO Company use to look for applicable phrases and keywords? Do they give cutthroat analysis as per on your selected keywords? Knowing what method the SEO firm uses for keyword research or evaluation is very important. It would be a wonderful help in case you perform your individual due diligence using basic tools, like doing research and analysis of keyword with the help of Google AdWords.


There are positive and negative SEO techniques or white hat and black hat SEO tactics such as; spam link, invisible text, keyword stuff, etc. Even the black hat or negative SEO technique can increase website page rank, it is dangerous for the long term because the search engine will update and penalize your website. Once your website is downgraded rank, it is harder to increase your website rank again. So, don’t try this black hat SEO technique and it is time to handle your website with professional SEO experts.