The Microsoft AZ-204 exam covers everything about the development of solutions for Microsoft Azure. This test is developed to measure one’s ability to accomplish a range of technical tasks, which include implementing Azure security, developing for Azure storage, and developing Azure compute solutions. Other tasks include troubleshooting, monitoring, and optimizing Azure solutions. Also, the candidates considering this exam are required to have subject matter expertise in building, designing, maintaining, and testing Cloud services and applications on Microsoft Certbolt Azure.

The primary responsibilities of the Azure developers typically include taking part in every phase of Cloud development, from the initial stages of defining the requirements to designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining.

Microsoft AZ-204: Great Benefits

It is very important that you know the benefits that come with the Microsoft Certbolt AZ-204 exam before taking it. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose to pass this test:

  • Microsoft AZ-204 gives you a proof that you have the ability to accomplish a number of technical tasks that include the development for Azure storage, Azure compute solutions, as well as monitoring, optimization, and troubleshooting of Azure solutions. With these abilities, you become an efficient employee who can be trusted to get the work done as per the expectations of the company and clients.
  • Also, after successfully passing the AZ-204 exam, you will earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certificate. As a certified Azure developer, you will stay ahead of everyone when applying for a job or seeking a promotion.
  • Moreover, this particular exam is built for those individuals who are the Azure developers who want to become the accredited professionals. They particularly design and build Cloud-based software solutions by the use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and desire to verify their skills with the help of this certification track.

Microsoft AZ-204: Fine Details

Before going for the test, you should also know its basic details. To start with, the Microsoft Certbolt AZ‑204 exam includes 40-60 questions in various formats. You will be given 150 minutes to complete all these questions and get 700 points. The content that will be represented in these questions is made up of the following topics:

  1. Designing Azure compute solutions;
  2. Developing for Azure storage;
  3. Connecting to and consuming Azure and third-party services;
  4. Implementing Azure security;
  5. Monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting the Azure solutions.

Furthermore, you have to know that Microsoft Certbolt AZ-204 will cost each candidate $165. The test is available in the English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese languages. To successfully pass the exam, ensure that you have understood all the topics mentioned above. To know whether you have mastered all the domains or not, take some Exam-Labs practice tests to evaluate your knowledge base and level of preparedness. Don’t forget to use exam dumps, video courses, and books during your preparation to learn the content from different sides.

Conclusion Since you have made up your mind to become a certified Azure developer, take Microsoft Certbolt AZ-204 today to earn the associated credential that will lead you to success.