What is the new normal for the eCommerce industry? How businesses can survive with new market trends? Several industries are dominated by the new market trends, customer behaviors, and sudden boost in online demands. Ecommerce is rapidly evolving than ever before. The growing usage of online services has made online a new offline. As per Statista, worldwide e-commerce sale is expected to grow by 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022.

Not only consumers are benefiting from the eCommerce services but it also uncovers several opportunities for businesses too. Today, we all are surrounded by modern pieces of equipment and multi-functional gadgets that simplify our day-to-day life. We have stepped into the digital platform where every requirement we have is only a few clicks away.

In the eCommerce development guide, the top 7 eCommerce development trends are compiled. While planning to develop your eCommerce strategy or eCommerce website development, you need to keep your eye peeled on the latest trends.

Top 7 eCommerce Development Trends For 2021:

Augmented Reality

AR is the masterstroke in the eCommerce industry. It gives an amazing shopping experience, industries like fashion and home decor are utilizing this tech innovation with a fast pace. It gives the customer a better look and feel without seeing the product in person. Augmented Reality not only provides the 3D view of the product and also provides more standard to the e-commerce industry.

Potential of Augmented Reality:

  • Allows Workforce Training Without Risk
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Implementation of AR gives 3D shopping experience
  • Provides Safety Technology for Automobiles

Voice Search

Today, people are dealing with an extremely busy life as they don’t find time to write long search queries. They started relying on a voice assistant that provides them relevant results after receiving the user’s voice commands. From ordering online food, shopping for online products, or searching for something on the internet, people adopt voice assistants. The involvement of voice assistants in eCommerce solutions is the hottest trend of the era.

Advantages of voice search optimization:

  • Easy management of SEO campaigns
  • provide quick Answer to customer’s queries
  • As compared to typing, voice searching is more faster
  • Ability to understand more conversational search phrases
  • Potential to deliver relevant results in less time

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to address the growing appeal of automation. AI gives a personalized shopping experience to users. Users feel good when they know that brands are concerned about their choices and AI is programmed accordingly. From automating brand promotions to giving an automated shopping experience, AI is somewhere leading in the eCommerce market.

Major benefits offered by AI:

  • Solving Complex Problems
  • Research and Data Analysis
  • Managing Repetitive Tasks
  • Minimizing Errors
  • Smart Decision Making
  • Increased Business Efficiency
  • Supreme user experience
  • Advancement in the medical sector


Implementing chatbots improvise shopping experience. Chatbots actively communicate and interact with online shoppers. Chatbots can save the sale by offering amazing customer support. It has become more prevalent marketing tool that helps businesses to serve their customer 24*7.

Unlock the potential of Chatbots:

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Monitoring consumers data
  • Get data insights
  • Better lead generation
  • An easy approach to the global market

Flexible Payment Option

Online shopping services taking a leap to the top. Businesses are highly recommended to offer payment options a lot more seamless. Easy, secure, and fast payment methods enhance customer’s experience. With the availability of various payment options users can choose the options as per their preference and make a purchase.

Providing secure and different payment options has several benefits:

  • Faster transactions
  • Payment security
  • Mobile payments
  • Impulsive buying
  • Users can make payments with their preferred mode.

On-site Personalization

On-site Personalization has become an extremely popular eCommerce development trend. It enables businesses to connect with user’s demands and fulfill their needs. Businesses can collect data and offer a customized experience to end-users based on their preferences and area of interest.

Take a look at key benefits of personalization in eCommerce:

  • Precise product recommendations
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Efficient communication
  • Improved interaction with customers
  • Maximized conversions

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps businesses to accomplish their business objectives and goals. It helps them automate their business operation like brand promotion and running a campaign. With marketing automation, eCommerce businesses can ensure convenient and effective marketing strategies and target the right audience.

Advantages of marketing automation:

  • Offer Better Customer Service
  • Saves Staff Costs & Increases ROI
  • Helps you retain existing customers
  • Omnichannel Monitoring
  • Lead Nurturing

Trends in technology are something which is not constant, every next day comes with something new. The technological advancements are not ready to stop anyways and transform industries with a new way to operate businesses. Some more trends like mobile shopping, big data, Headless and API-driven e-commerce,  implementation of video, optimization of digital strategy, etc are reshaping the eCommerce industry.

E-commerce after COVID-19

The global pandemic has made its way to the top spot. Undeniably, it’s highly impacting the eCommerce industry. The noble coronavirus made us witness lockdowns, closing down of our favorite restaurants and cafes, and people were forced to maintain social distancing.

The online platform connects people across the globe. The impact of COVID-19 will not be a short-term boost for the online market. People will get more comfortable with the idea of getting essentials via online medium in future as well. Guidelines that are hard to manage in offline shopping have become much easier in the online shopping experience. From contactless delivery and payments to get products on the doorstep without waiting in a queue of shops, online shopping platforms have made people’s life much easier amid COVID times.


So our discussion reached an end, but hopefully, the technological advancement will not end here. Entrepreneurs must focus on the latest market trends, user preferences, and demand to sustain in the future. If you are planning to get an eCommerce solution for your business then hire an experienced eCommerce development company that can help you to get your dream product.

Developing an eCommerce solution required excellent technical skills, knowledge of the latest tool and technologies, and great experience to develop bug-free products. Hiring a professional organization will help you to get a feature-filled and modern eCommerce website or mobile app tailored to your business needs.

Author’s Bio: Tom Hardy is an experienced and certified eCommerce developer at Sparx IT Solution. He is dedicated to meet the client’s expectations and deliver them the best products. He also likes reading and writing informative blogs and articles.