Container orchestration with Kubernetes is one of the most in-demand technology skills. But Kubernetes training is extremely tough, and IT professionals often wonder whether these courses are worth their time. 

Are you skeptical about attending Simplilearn’s Kubernetes training in Hyderabad? Let’s give you more information about the training so that you can make a decision. This article will also provide you with certain benefits of Kubernetes training.  

Features of the Kubernetes training program

The certified Kubernetes Administrator training in Hyderabad can prepare you for the CKA exam. The course covers application lifecycle management, planning, installation, security, cluster maintenance, and more. Some of the top features of the Kubernetes training program are as follows:

  • Interactive live online classes conducted by industry experts
  • The flexibility of picking classes
  • Opportunity to work on 11 real-life projects
  • Industry-recognized certification upon completing the training program

Training options

The training options available for the Kubernetes certification are as follows:

  • Self-paced learning

The self-paced learning mode of the Kubernetes training program has a fee of Rs 27,000. This mode of learning will offer you access to high-quality e-learning content and live class recordings for your entire lifetime.

  • Online Bootcamp

The fee of the Kubernetes online bootcamp is Rs 33,750. You will get access to e-learning material and live classes. Moreover, you will also be able to attend online classes for 90 days with utmost flexibility. 

  • Corporate training

The corporate training mode of the Kubernetes certification (cka certification) can help customize the needs of your team. It is available in a blended mode with self-paced e-learning and instructor-led classes. You will also have access to an enterprise-class learning management system. 

The corporate training model also supports enhanced reporting for teams and individuals. Additionally, learners get access to 24*7 teaching support and assistance. 

Eligibility criteria

The Kubernetes training program in Hyderabad is specifically meant for Kubernetes cluster administrators. The training program can make their job easy. But anyone willing to learn about Kubernetes can enroll in this training program to level up their skills. 

The Kubernetes training program will help you develop all the skills you need to work with the tool for real-world industry applications. Some of the most well-suited professionals for the Kubernetes training program are as follows:

  • Linux administrators
  • Software engineers
  • System administrators
  • Cloud administrators
  • Software developers


You must have a detailed understanding of containers before attending the Kubernetes training program. People with knowledge of Docker will be particularly advantageous. Learners with Linux shell work experience will have a particular advantage during this Kubernetes training.


The different domains in the Kubernetes training program and their weightage are as follows:

  • Core concepts: 19%
  • Security: 12%
  • Installation, configuration, and validation: 12%
  • Cluster maintenance: 11%
  • Networking: 11%
  • Troubleshooting: 10%
  • Application lifecycle management: 8%
  • Storage: 7%
  • Loading and monitoring: 5%
  • Scheduling: 5%

Benefits of Kubernetes Certification

The current market share of Kubernetes container technology is 16.42%. With time, the market share can be expected to increase considerably. Therefore, the demand for professionals with Kubernetes skills will only increase over the years. If that’s not enough to convince you of this training program, go through the benefits of a Kubernetes certification.

  1. Professional development 

A Kubernetes certification aids the professional development of individuals in the IT industry. Whether you want to land your first tech role or seek a cloud-native position, obtaining Kubernetes training will work in your favor. 

Employers are always looking for experienced professionals to work with Kubernetes. But how can you gain experience if businesses are unwilling to hire freshers?

A certification can help solve this issue by teaching you the real-life application of Kubernetes through industry-relevant projects. Enrolling in a Kubernetes certification program will give you an edge over uncertified candidates. 

  1. Land a senior DevOps role

If you are looking for modern operational roles in DevOps, you must focus on enhancing your Kubernetes skills. A Kubernetes certification can help you become eligible for Site Reliability Engineering jobs. Remember that these job roles come with high salaries. 

  1. Learning experience

If not for anything else, you can always attend the Kubernetes training in Hyderabad for a great learning experience. Your certification at the end of the training program validates your Kubernetes skills. The learning journey begins with the basic concept of Kubernetes and moves up to more complex objects and elements. 

Even if the certification isn’t mandatory at your organization, it will work in your favor. Once you take the CKA exam after the course, you can understand whether you could learn everything that you were supposed to learn during it. 

You must obtain a score of 74% to pass the CKA exam. It proves your dedication in front of employers. It will prove to employers that you have the relevant skills expected from you. 

The exam takes place for 2 hours. The specialized areas tested during the Kubernetes Administrator course are as follows:

  • Troubleshooting: 30%
  • Cluster Architecture, Installation, and Configuration: 25%
  • Services and Networking: 20%
  • Workloads and Scheduling: 15%
  • Storage: 10%

The software version that was tested during this training program is Kubernetes v1.19.

  1. Learn about the Corporate learning path

Sometimes getting the Kubernetes certifications might be a corporate requirement. Your organization might even pay for the training program. Your company might also give you time off to study. 

The certification enables managers to keep teams sharp. Moreover, employees can stay acquainted with modern technologies. Whether it’s DevOps or any other role, these certifications make you eligible for promotions. It adds value to management and shows that the employees in the organization have relevant technical expertise.  

Summing up

Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud, and several of them use Kubernetes for managing production. The certified Kubernetes Administrator course in Hyderabad will ensure you have a detailed understanding of the tool. Therefore, the course is ideal for obtaining a high-paying job.