Twitter is a platform with unlimited opportunities for companies and influencers. It’s hard to ignore everything that happens here – there are more than 390 million users, but the most surprising thing is that most people are active and visit the site daily. Why? The secret of TWT is simple and crystal clear. Here, unlike other social resources, there are heated debates, discussions and polls. Issues of global importance have been repeatedly resolved on this platform, and even politicians check their feed at least once a day.

Twitter is an amazing place, it’s true. However, the competition here is no less surprising! Competitors literally breathe into each other’s backs and don’t let them relax for a minute. At the same time, experienced creators aren’t so much focused on comments, subscribers and likes, as on Impression. Why are they constantly analyzing their numbers? How, being a beginner, to get more impressions? We’ll give answers to these and other questions in the article!

What are impressions?

Let’s start with the basics: impressions is a measure of how many people have viewed your tweets. A message is considered viewed when it appears in someone’s timeline. It doesn’t matter if the user clicked Favorites or not, the impression will be counted.

Accordingly, this indicator is taken into account when generating coverage statistics. This is important if you aim to expand your fanbase in the near future.

How to get more impressions?

  1. Use Paid Boost 

Perhaps the easiest way that doesn’t require a lot of time and resources from you is to buy real Twitter Impressions. After the purchase, you don’t need to do absolutely anything – you just relax and watch your statistics grow. The advantages of a paid tool are that other people, specialists who are engaged in promoting pages on platforms, will do everything for you. They will send as many authentic interactions as you want, they’ll come from real users.

It is important to know : not all advertising companies are honest and decent. Before placing an order, read the reviews of previous customers and talk to managers. It is always better to double-check the service than to have any further problems with the security service. Be careful and don’t trust your promo process to companies that don’t guarantee 100% real interactions, it’s not safe.

  1. Tweet at the right time 

As we said before, the more people see your message, the more interactions you’ll get. To attract the attention of most of the site’s audience, you need to post at the ideal time. Some experts say that the good time is between 11-12 am EST or at night from 12 pm-midnight EST. This is the rush hour when everyone gets active and starts publishing their messages, especially media companies and journalists.

Is this a good time? On the one hand, yes, most users are online, but on the other hand, the competition during rush hour is off the scale, and if you don’t have a large enough account and a lot of interactions, it will be difficult for you to be ahead. 

Therefore, we recommend not focusing on this data and being more consistent. Start with an experiment – post messages at different times for several days. Then analyze your indicators and see at what time interactions were the most – here it is, your ideal time. We wish you success!