Digital transformation can be a challenging prospect, but at the same time, it can also help a lot of businesses. As always, it comes down to how you are harnessing its power, and the overall results that you expect. But as you can see from these examples below, digital transformation can also be a great thing.


LEGO is a prime example because they decided to use digital transformation to enhance their products and solutions. They created a crowdsourced product design, while also integrating a new enterprise system. They also decided to have a very powerful licensing model, which pushed their company to new heights.


Caterpillar is a leading manufacturer in the mining and construction industries. However, in recent years, they started using manufacturing sector services as a way to expand and better connect with customers. What they decided to do here was to ensure that they started using digital prediction solutions for their machinery. They lean a lot into IoT and AI solutions.


Nike is a great example when it comes to digital transformation too. The primary focus here is that the company started using augmented reality and AI to help personalize the manufacturing process. In addition, they are also using AI to ensure the manufacturing process is very fast, cohesive and adjustable to the company requirements.


Toyota is a very popular car brand and they also rely on digital transformation for their business. The main idea in their case is to use robots to automate tasks and narrow down production line issues. They are also using 3D printing and CAD tech to help design new products quicker. That helps deliver exceptional value, while ensuring everything works as expected.

Lotte Chilsung Beverage

Implementing a great and more powerful way to speed up production is a crucial part of digital transformation. The company has great digital features like real time monitoring. They also have fast inventory management, along with comprehensive safety features as well. All of that helps eliminate a lot of the potential uncertainties. That leads to more cohesiveness and tremendous benefits down the line.


The company is specialized in gas and air handling equipment. Making sure that every product is manufactured at the highest standards is mission-critical and of the utmost importance. Having those solutions in place becomes imperative, and that’s why they have digital solutions in place. They use mixed reality, IoT and other digital technologies to streamline their production. In the end, digital transformation can have a very beneficial impact and effect on any manufacturing company. Of course, every company has their own requirements and vision when it comes to what they want to achieve and how they can implement certain features. But in doing so, they have vibrant results and an extraordinary benefit. At the end, what matters is to find ways to boost workforce efficiency, eliminate results, while improving the way you use the current solutions and systems to help customers get the best product!