You probably have heard of the word Fiver, but you always wondered about the origin of the word, or what it meant. Below is the meaning.

A common slang term for:

An Australian five-dollar note

A British five-pound note

A Canadian five-dollar bill

A five-euro note

A United States five-dollar bill

When a cricket bowler gets five wickets in a single inning

Other meanings are below:

  • A fifth columnist or saboteur, in wartime slang
  • 5Star, a UK TV channel operated by Channel 5 formerly known as Fiver
  • Fiver (puzzle), a math game played on a 5×5 grid, distantly related to Conway’s Game of Life
  • Fiver (Watership Down), a fictional rabbit in the Richard Adams novel Watership Down
  • The Fiver, a humorous daily football email by The Guardian newspaper
  • Fiverr, a global online marketplace for buying and selling services starting at $5
  • FreelancingGig, An affordable freelance services marketplace that lets you stretch the value of your $5
  • Zaidiyyah Shi’a Muslims, who disagree with the majority of Shi’a on the identity of the Fifth Imam

Similar to tenner, this is a slang word for currency.

In England, a fiver is a five pound note (£5.00).

Below is an example of how it will be used in daily conversation:

  • Do you have a fiver I could borrow? I can pay you back tomorrow.

By extension: the value in money that this represents.

  • I bought the chocolates; they were only a fiver.


Source: Wikipedia and Wiktionary