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You need to have an account with to use all the services without any interruption. There's a big list of features that comes along with your registration. After you have successfully registered you can use the following list of services.

  • Post projects for free
  • Freelancers & professionals can bid on active projects
  • Hire expert professionals
  • Buy and sell creative & professional services
  • Make secure transactions to pay the professional or freelancer
  • Earn money by working on different projects
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Post a Project, Buy or Sell Creative & Professional Services

After you have successfully completed you registration you can now start a new project, buy or sell creative and professional services. There is no limit to the size and budget of the project you can post. Your project comes with the following attributes.

  • Project category
  • Project description
  • Skills required for the project
  • Any project related document or file to be uploaded
  • Option to keep the bids hidden from other freelancers (except for his own)
  • Project budget
    • Select project budget on a per hour basis
    • Select project budget for a fixed cost
  • Pay with ease of mind using our Milestone Payment System - Release payments according to an agreed upon schedule of goals, or simply pay only on completion. You decide.
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Bid on a Project

  • Freelancers & professionals can bid on the project according to the project description, skills and budget.
  • Freelancers must keep the following things in mind when bidding on a project.

Hire an Expert Freelancer

  • You can browse freelancer profiles and message them your queries.
  • Invite one of your favorite freelancers to place a bid on your project.
  • Compare the proposals of different freelancers on your project.
  • Award the project to the best freelancer you have chosen and get the work started.
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