I Will Set Up Your Google Ads To Help Grow Your Business(3)
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Digital Marketing / Search Engine Marketing

Product Description

Are you tired of struggling to find the best keywords for your Ads?

Are you getting frustrated by how your lack of experience is holding you back from getting the sales and leads your business needs to grow?

Worst of all... are you missing the thousands of dollars that you burned for absolutely nothing?

You're not alone... and you CAN change this, starting today!

I will provide service for Google Ads which includes creating Search, Display and Video campaign for your business/eCommerce/startup. 

I will write compelling Ad copy that is going to help you in two ways: 
     - Increase your quality score which will minimize your cost for bid and
     - Attract the target audience to click and bring them in your website. 

What you will get in my service - 

Keyword Research and Planning
Budget Optimization
Bid Management
Eye-catchy Ad Copy
Conversion Tracking
Creating Similar Audience
Targeting Audience based.
Please send message before ordering! 

Product Requirements

Do I need to provide my login credentials to grant you access in my Ad account?
Ans: No. You just need to add me to your Ad account. I will tell you how to do that.
What if I need the Ad copy written in my local language?
Ans: Unfortunately, I will be able to provide service in only ENGLISH.
I have set up campaign already and I just need you to audit and optimize. Is that possible?
I have no idea about PPC, Adwords or anything about this field. Can I trust you?
Ans: I will consult with you about campaign strategy that works best for you. It's not necessary to have technical knowledge but some basic marketing knowledge would be just fine.

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Keyword Research + Ads Development + Bidding + Ad Extensions + Negative Keywords - Up to 5 Ad Groups
1 days

Keyword Research + Ads Development + Bidding + Ad Extensions + Negative Keywords- Up to 10 Ad Groups
2 days

Keyword Research + Ads Development + Bidding + Ad Extensions + Negative Keywords- Up to 20 Ad Groups
3 days


Money Protection Guarantee
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Zero Buyer Service Fee.
Digital Marketer - Google Adwords Certified