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I was born in Jessore, Bangladesh, and currently live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and also have Master's degree in Computer Application from Stamford University, Bangladesh. I presently work as Head of Ideas at Jobdreamers Nigeria. During my free time, I like to freelance as this is where my passion lies. I think it's important to love doing what you do, so the passion will continue to motivate and improve yourself.

I'm proficient with Creative Cloud applications and have a lot of experience with Wordpress theme creation. I'm a problem solver, I love having puzzles to fix and thinking logically through every obstacle encountered whilst making a website.

To this day, my passion for business, understanding of small business, and yearning to learn has never burned brighter. One of the wonderful aspects of working as a web designer and developer is that I get to meet some great people. Every business needs a web presence, and that fact has allowed me to develop friendships with many of the people that originally inspired me.

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