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About Me

Cameron Hicks


Creative/freelance writer, editor, and apps developer based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Certified through Certiport as a Microsoft Specialist in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications.

Bilingual (English & Spanish)

Writing has always been a gift to me. Ever since a young age, I would write drafts about literary works, mess around with different poems, analyze different syntax across a wide range of literature and composition, growing up and coming into my own with both style and delivery amongst numerous written documents, blogs, and posts. I recently joined freelancinggig, coming across such a platform and seeing as a way to not only perform what I love doing- multi-faceted writing- but using those skills to assist others in need!
I promise every word, vowel, and consonant I put into my services is not outsourced and is 100% self input. I have a desire to help those in need of services I qualify for, and promise to give you, the client, the best value for your dollar and ensuring you're satisfied and fulfilled.

Well versed in the areas of:
-Spanish Composition
-English Composition
-English Literature
-Certified Word Processing (82 WPM Type Speed, 100% Accuracy)
-Certified PowerPoint & Excel Specialist

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  • Javascript
  • Copywriting
  • Excel
  • Blog
  • Powerpoint
  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles
  • Academic Writing
  • Word
  • Spanish
  • English (US)
  • Content Writing
  • Word Processing
  • Microsoft Office

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My Services reviews (2 Reviews)

DCore   Dec 29, 2017 19:40
Awesome unique content and fast delivery!!
DCore   Dec 22, 2017 07:51
Excellent and well-sourced article. Highly recommended gig!!

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