As a start-up business, funds may not be enough to employ a full time staff. This is when hiring a freelancer would be beneficial. Search on websites like, which allows you to find everything you need in a freelancer. Here are some tips on how to manage hiring freelancers.

  1. Be Very Specific

As the boss you know the vision of how you want your work to come across. When hiring a freelancer make sure to incorporate all of the little details that you would like to see in the project. For example, not telling a web designer specifics on building your website, can the leave the freelancer making the decision for you. This creates confusion and time wasted on revising the project. It can also be very costly to you. The best option to avoid these minor issues is to have a contract done. We recommend it includes time frames, meeting agendas, requirements, and expectations. With a contract in place, it takes the guesswork out of the situation. It also holds those involved accountable for payment and the project.

  1. Pay On Time

Having a set monthly paycheck is a great benefit to a person with a nine to five job. As a freelancer, payments are received randomly so not receiving any payments could cause undue strain on their financial health.. When creating a budget for your business create a section for freelancers. Doing this makes sure that you can pay for the services provided. The number one complaint freelancers make is the lack of on-time payment after a job is done. Receiving bad reviews for not paying for completed jobs on-time, can harm your business reputation. Include payment dates and amounts in the contract drawn up between both parties.

  1. Availability

Time management is something that needs to be learned by both clients and freelancers. Hiring a freelancer does not mean that you have access to them 24/7. Take into consideration that they have other job priorities and life to attend to. Setting up meeting times and deadlines assures that the client gets their questions answered. Do not bombard the freelancer with messages because this might create a hostile working environment. A well-drawn up contract can really aid in figuring out availability, and avoiding those issues.

  1. Research

Obtaining previous job background information on potential freelancers is beneficial to your business. All freelancers should have a resume or portfolio of previous work. The same procedures that would be taken with a permanent employee should also be taken with freelancers. This allows you to choose wisely. A freelancer has already done their research on your business, so this evens the playing field when meeting with them.

There are many factors to consider when hiring a freelancer. Keep in mind that it is for the benefit of your business. As you can see, the most important step to hiring a freelancer is to create a contract. It lays out all possible problems that could occur and the expectations for the job. Since it is a legally binding agreement, if one party does not fulfill their obligations, it is easier to solve the problem.

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