A Graphic Designer can take your business projects to the next level by using visual concepts to attract consumers. Some of the reasons to hire a graphic designer would be to save time, to create a logo, build a website layout (Read Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer), or make your website more visually appealing. As a freelancer, it may be hard to appeal to consumers without having the right tools. On today’s blog we explore different ways to be a Superb Freelance Graphic Designer.

Marketing Yourself

The first thing a potential client sees is your previous work, which is why it is imperative to create a brand for your business. Being a graphic designer you have the upper hand in creating portfolios that can showcase your best work. Build a website that can answer questions prospective clients may ask while showcasing your past work. It is always best to have a printed portfolio to physically show client’s your most recent work as well as a resume and business cards. Remember your job is to be creative so get creative with branding your business!


What can set you apart from other freelance graphic designers is the amount of knowledge you may have in a particular market. It is important to always research potential clients prior to meeting with them so you know what type of designs will work for them. In graphic design, it may not always be about the design, but more about the audience you are trying to reach. A client is more inclined to hire you if you can bring those types of attributes to the table.

Perfect Your Craft

To be a superb graphic designer, mastery of Adobe Software is a must! Be sure to stay current with new release updates and changes within the software. Ways to stay up-to-date would be to take courses on how to use Adobe efficiently and to spend a lot of time practicing. Practicing can lead to a better portfolio of designs to show potential clients and detailing your skills. Another way of perfecting your craft would be to pay attention to surroundings that influence creativity. Walk around with a notebook so no idea is ever forgotten.


With so many different areas of graphic designs, it may be hard to stand out from the crowd. We recommend that you find an area that you can master, for example advertising. Once adequate revenue is built in one area, it will be easier to venture out into areas of graphic design. Do not turn down jobs if it is not in your “niche” area, rather market more to what you are good at. As a freelancer finding continuous revenue is always a good thing!


Freelancers should always network to better build their business. This is how you will get referrals and new opportunities. I encourage you to find freelance graphic designers who specialize in other areas than you, so that you can help one another out. When done right, networking can be a significant way to increase revenues and show case your talents.


Freelancers sometimes set their prices low to get as many projects and clients. As a freelance graphic designer this is not a good idea. You spent a lot of time and expense to master the art of been a graphic designer, so understand your value and don’t underprice your service. In return you will gain the top clients who will always come back for the quality of work you provide. When dealing with these clients don’t forget to always go the extra mile, for example, spending extra time on a project. Those type of actions build long lasting relationships!

Succeeding as a Freelance Graphic designer takes a lot of hard work, dedication and time. Being able to build your brand is the most important thing. Take time to invest in your craft. These are some of the ways to be a Superb Freelance Graphic Designer.