Using freelancer services is a convenient way of getting quality work without complications associated with full-time workers. It comes down to being much cheaper because there is no long-term commitment with freelancers. The contract ends with the end of the project. But a wrong choice of a freelancer can be very expensive and so how you choose one is vital for your success. Below are questions you must ask before hiring your contract worker. The way the freelancer will answer them will give you a good idea of their capabilities.

1. What is your area of specialty?

This is another way of asking them where their strengths lie. It is impossible to be proficient in all types of content creation. Depending on the area the freelancer excels in, you will decide whether he is a good fit for your project.

2. What is the duration of your freelancing career?

This question will give you a rough idea of the freelancer’s experience. The longer time he has been freelancing, the more likely he is experienced. New freelancers can also be very good but they probably don’t have established ways of doing things and so may spend a little bit more time learning what you need done.

3. What is your quote for this job?

This will either be on hourly basis, fixed job rates or a variation of the fixed type where the job is paid when certain milestones are reached. The rates will also depend on the freelancer’s experience and the complexity of the job. More experience means higher rates. Rates at times however, do not always reflect the likely quality of work to expect. A test order may be the only way to determine that.

4. What is your view on meeting deadlines?

Here you will be able to assess the freelancer’s attitude and commitment to work. A lukewarm answer might suggest someone who may not be good for you especially so if the content you need is time-sensitive. You have to be sure that the project’s timeline will be adhered to.

5. Do you have any testimonials about your work?

This question will help you confirm a number of things. This includes whether the freelancer has any samples, whether they have an active website and the quality of their work as testified to by current and former clients. It is worth noting that new freelancers may not have any samples or testimonials about their work. Some clients have struck gold when they took chances with such newbies. Sometimes you might have to trust your gut feelings and give such freelancers a try. Remember, the best freelancer with the most uplifting testimonials was once a freelancer without any portfolio or testimony from anyone.

6. Do you have any suggestions on the skills needed for this project?

The answer to this question will achieve the following:

  • It will confirm to you that the freelancer understands or doesn’t understand your project fully.
  • May help you see things from a different perspective
  • Will give you a rough idea of the freelancer’s strong and weak areas.

7. If you win this project, can you outline your mode of operation?

This question will help you asses the freelancer’s organizational skills and how they will launch them in your project. It will also be a good way of seeing whether he is likely to meet the project’s deadline or not.