Many freelancers dream of the day they will overcome all hurdles and become part of the coveted six-figure earners. Dreaming alone is not enough. There are proven ways in addition to hard and consistent work that ultimately produces that desired result. Let’s examine some of the possible routes to six figures.

  1. Start with what you know

It is possible to learn something new and excel in it as a freelancer. However, when you start with an area you are familiar with, the learning curve is not as steep. If you have a day job or you have some special training, you can do your day job during the day and use the same skills or knowledge as a freelancer at night or during you day-offs.

  1. Stay alert for opportunities

As they say, ‘opportunity comes to those who are ready’. Keep your eyes open for openings that require freelance services. This can be identified through your current job or through networking.

  1. Keep prospecting for high quality clients

Freelancing is characterized by drought and feast seasons. This can create unreliable income. Having a number of well-paying clients that you can comfortably handle will make your income season-prove and the road to six figures will be more assured.

  1. Network and network some more

The more right people you know, the higher the chances of having a steady number of clients. Your network can involve contacts from your day job, your former clients and referrals from clients. Attend conferences and workshops relevant to your niche and make as many contacts as possible.

  1. Effective pricing

Do not sell yourself cheap. Your pricing should be project based. Once you get the job, do it as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality. Many clients will hesitate to pay say $100 an hour. But if let’s say you charge a project $400 and do it in a total of 3 hours, then in essence you have done the job in the equivalence of about $135 an hour.

  1. Learn from others

Every trade has its real gurus. You can benefit from a coach, a mentor or from courses in your niche. Forums can be useful when utilized properly. A group of like-minded persons will help you get where you want to be – faster.

  1. Practice again and again

No freelancer can say he has ‘arrived’ and has no need to improve on their skills. Looking for ways to always improve will make your skills show in your work and this will translate into a steady number of clients and improved earnings.

  1. Keep your records

Knowing where your business is and where it is headed can help you track your earnings and expenditure. Financial discipline will help you know the adjustments you need to make in order to realize your six-figure dream

  1. Spend your time wisely

Analyze how you spend your time and abolish all time wasters. Convert this time to do more productive activities that will take you closer to six-figures at the end of your financial year. T.V, Social media and idling should all be minimized to earn six-figures

  1. Have fun

The last thing you want is burn-out as you race towards six figures. Have some form of wholesome recreation that will help you re-energize and invigorate your mind for continued working strength. Finally never sacrifice your loving relationships. They are the ones who will always be there for you whether you are a six figure earner or not.