1. Create videos. Create compelling YouTube videos that teaches your freelancing skill set and link it to your FreelancingGig campaign. Also share your new YouTube videos to your friends and business associates via other social media channels.
  2. Do webinars. Invite people to attend webinars on freelancing regarding the freelancing jobs you offer and other new trends in the industry. Plus you may also get some clients that way. Always make sure you mention your FreelancingGig campaign to your webinar audience.
  3. Create digital content. The more you write on topics relating to your freelance skill set, and linking to your FreelancingGig campaign, the more it helps you not only to be a subject matter expert in your field, but also helps you contribute to the freelancing services industry as a whole.
  4. Promote on social media. Promoting your freelance jobs on your social media profiles is an effective way to drive interest to your campaign. Make sure your post is interesting so your friends and other contacts can share it with those in their social media circles, hence amplifying your message.
  5. Create your own blog. By creating and updating your own freelancing blog regularly, it provides quality content your readers would appreciate and it also further solidifies your freelance expertise to them. They can get tips on different freelance questions, and when they are ready they will click on your FreelancingGig profile and hire you for any freelance services they need. That keeps your services in the forefront of their mind, whenever freelancing services are needed.