Android Smartphone user is looking for the best useful android application to run smoothly on their devices without interrupting their task and should consume less space in RAM. Notification from mobile like “run out of memory” is the indication to free up your mobile RAM additional data resulting due to high memory usage by various large size applications. To make your Smartphone fast and secure every user must possess some apps which are secured and very apt in grasping RAM storage. Many freelancer companies ensure best services to their clients regarding development of such quality android application. Hire freelancers for such Android app development from online Freelancer Company.

If we consider the following mention apps, then we can make our system faster and smoother with most compatible apps by taking less space in RAM storage.

So here is the most useful app which sizes is less than 1MB.

  1. DOCK4DROID (352KB)

Dock4Droid is the most technically useful app where you can quickly access your running task from anywhere on your mobile screen. The best part is you can also add your favorite contacts to appear in the dock. You can exclude apps from the dock & can add custom launchers. This app is the free version from its developer. In the paid version you can access all other different settings include:

  • Unlimited number of launchers
  • Excludes contacts
  • Customize colors etc.
  • Quick access to favorite contacts
  • One touch goes

This app rate as 4.3/5 on play app store by million users.


Simple Notepad is as the name suggests it is simple, fast reliable, quicker and smarter which gives many features which are offered by large size app but Simple Notepad comes with such a tiny size, and This is a beta version of this app with v1.9.7 beta. Simple Notepad is a small, fast and useful app for every Android Smartphone user comes with this following outstanding features:

  • enable checklist
  • Reminder for your daily work
  • Password protection features
  • Search and share
  • Any picture format attachment and more.

This app is rated 4.3/5 in Google app store.


This game is and ranking in one of the top most game under less than 1 MB in Google Play store. In this game, you can fire bombs, fire a nuclear weapon, etc. You can easily download it from the Play store and enjoy this game with such a less consuming space in RAM. The Atomic Bomber also featured less minimal interface with transparent background interface which makes the system faster and you can easily play the game without being any disturbance. The best part of this game is your bomb fall gravity execution is with realistic physics. This app is rated 4.3/5 in Google Play store user. In the full version of this game enable us these following features:

  • Keep upgrades on death
  • Optional onscreen joystick
  • Ad-free
  • An extra starting life
  1. Darker (132KB)

This app is useful for those who love to surf at night in dim light which makes it easier for eyes to work on low brightness display. Darker apps are very helpful and deliver minimum interface to set your smartphones light. Helps in following concern:

  • Easy reading mode
  • Quick set up mode
  • Best less RAM size eat up app
  • Enhance system speed
  1. Procrastination (245 KB)

This app is free, and there are no annoying ads you can be placed this app on your home or lock screen is available as an in-app purchase. You can manage your today’s and tomorrow’s task right by now and can have a look in the further course of action.

Finest simplicity and control navigation.

  1. INSTADICT (704KB)

ISTADICT MAKES YOU VIEW of any word’s meaning anywhere. Just copy the word and shake your device to get its meaning. No need to interrupt in you are doing or reading.  Instruct enables these following features:

  • Quick and faster
  • Shake and get result
  • Smooth user interface
  • Minimal option covers all setting
  1. File locker (193 KB)

File Locker is the most prefer apps for every user which helps them to protect them their photos, videos, data and information from unauthorized access. File locker enables us to lockout data and privacy concern files in our Android system.

  • Encoded filename and the content as well.
  • Notifies about forgotten unlocked files, which were left by the user.
  • The apps encrypt the data and make it unreadable. If you want to hide and have some privacy concern and this is the best app for you, and it also consumes less space in your Smartphone RAM.
  1. Photoczip (950 KB)

Compress, resize and zip all photographs in one stage. We make it as primarily as conceivable some time by e-Mail, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Pinterest & Goole drive.  Following are the features offered by this apps:

  • Convert PNG to JPG
  • Compress photos with original photos
  • No advertisement, absolutely free.
  • Zip all images together
  • Add watermark to image
  • Share photos easily
  • Batch photos compression
  • Gallery view of photos
  • Keep/remove tags of original photos.
  • Reduce your photos according to your Smartphone space or storage space.

Photoczip also has PC version and offer Chrome extension which makes it better for PC & mobile user depending on their need.

Moreover, on play store, there is millions of app which are under 1 MB, but it depends on the user to use most selected app according to need and by its size. These three apps can save your mobile space and give you well fast Smartphone experience. Freelancing site offers an excellent platform for developer to present their work and creativity to their future clients, and there an abundant freelancer job online which makes it quick in touch with customers and most creative field in the Android app developing concern. Also For choosing experienced developer over freelancing website one must go through various basic query and information about the previous developer work in their portfolio with their client’s reviews in the different site.




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