When we consider many different categorized Android apps for our useful purposes then there are many apps but what about the space it consumes in our Smartphone because less space consuming apps gives better functioning of devices. Many application development companies deliver little memory android apps for clients over freelance service provider sites. Following are the best useful Android apps under 10 MB:

  1. A calendar (3mb)

It can guide into Google Calendar, offers plan and day/week/month/year sees, incorporates 48 unique hues for occasions, and full-screen gadgets for your home screen.

Flexible recurrences birthdays from your contacts (or without contacts) Fullscreen widgets for all three main views plus floating seven-day intuitive navigation with smooth transitions between day, week and month view Agenda view and widget uses Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization

  1. Swipe for Facebook (3mb)

This is the exact apps view like facebook app which gives well user interface view but with less space in the device and RAM storage.  Swipe for Facebook is highly customizable and low battery friendly Facebook app. This app is well-developing apps for browsing your social platform (Facebook) status to stay connected with friends and relatives.

This app features at a glance:

  • Fast, secure and reliable
  • Easy navigation for best browsing experience
  • Direct/auto login features with auto password manager database.
  • Faster as compare to regular FaceBook app
  1. UC Browser Mini (1.73 MB)

UC Browser Mini for Android gives you an impressive perusing knowledge in a humble bundle. It’s a lightweight program particularly valuable to clients of Android telephones with lower specs and less storage room, yet stuffed with significant components.

Imperative features:

  • Fast surfing experience
  • Tiny size
  • Smart downloading
  • Night mode
  • Incognito mode for browsing
  • Control video with gestures
  1. Pulse SMS (7mb)

There are a few extraordinary SMS applications. However, PULSE SMS is best of all and also fetches less space in our device for the better smooth functioning of the mobile phone. Here are some of the features that make Pulse the ultimate messaging experience:

  • Stylish theme experience with different conversation in your device
  • Auto backup of massage
  • Readability design view
  • You can block unwanted calls
  • Search previous messages from any contact communication data.

Accessible free with no advancements, Pulse offers a primary interface that is in like manner as versatile as you need. For a little in-application get, you can use Pulse’s applications on the web or your Android Wear device to send your texts from wherever. With such an assortment of a bigger number of components than your stock application in such a minor package, Pulse SMS is a simple choice for the Android user.

  1. Weather (Macropinch) (5mb)

Weather incorporates all that any Android user expect, including consequently recovering the weather for your area, enlivened climate conditions, hourly, daily and week forecast. You can have the live update of weather and climatic condition. Different widget for distinct location and also supports Android TV. Weather Application gives smart user interface with the quality smooth functioning of the system and results in better Android Smartphone experience.


  • Give the best interface to view current weather condition from any place.
  • Future result of coming week and days
  • An option to manually add your location
  • Compatible with any Android version.
  • You can also enable and disable the notifications
  1. Opera Mini (4mb)

Opera on mobile is a superb browser to surf and for download. The Mini variant spotlights on limiting information utilization, yet still offer capable elements like audio, picture, video downloader, private browsing, and brilliant Wi-Fi downloads.

Like many another launcher in Google app store which eats up much more RAM space in the device. Take up tons of space on your device. Opera mini gives us the best browser experience by taking low RAM space in Smartphone and provide better user experience.

A new feature on Opera includes:

  • Multi-task
  • Block ads
  • Browse privately
  • Save your bookmarks in just one tap
  • Video powerful downloader
  1. 360 Security Lite (7.54mb)

360 Security line is another excellent Android security application which highlights upgraded security assurance, battery saver, memory help innovation and such extraordinary capacities. You can call everything in one Android security instrument. This application is the light form of mainstream security application called 360 Security. This little bundle is likewise ready to secure your protection and make your telephone unusable for others. This antivirus engine inside the package is trusted by 200 million users globally.

  1. Ccleaner (9mb)

Unlike most cleaning applications that pack a group of additional features that you needn’t bother with, CCleaner gives a basic approach to clean temporary files & caches. The application additionally incorporates a capacity analyzer to let you rapidly observe what record classes and applications are utilizing the most space on your gadget.

It delivers following outstanding features:

  • Remove junk and speed up your device instantly
  • Free up unnecessary space date from device storage
  • Completely free from ads & clutter
  • Track you RAM & Internal memory
  • Quickly uninstall multiple unwanted applications from the device
  1. Docs viewer (956KB)

Docs Viewer permits you to utilize Google Docs to rapidly see archives on Android, including PDFs and Microsoft Office Files. An internet connection is required. Moreover, this app gives a great user interface while surfing and reading data.

Supported file types:

  • Portable Document Format
  • PostScript
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Rich Text Format
  • Tagged Image File Format

Docs Viewer coordinates specifically with Android’s Internet Browser, Email Clients, File Managers, and applications, for example, Google Drive. There is a 10 Mb cutoff to documents transferred from your Android gadget. Materials from different sources can be significantly bigger.


Android Smartphone user demands well-smoothing gaming or utility apps for their day to day activities, and with little RAM storage was consuming features. Hence they prefer those applications which are less in size and high in demand. There are smart android app developers over freelancer site which help them to get touch with their clients and deliver quality service with creative application development project. You can Hire Freelancers to work many prominent websites by analyzing their work and experience, so choose wisely!