Apple announced a new mobile App called as Clips which is going to compete with Snapchat as well as to some extent with Instagram also. It is yet another step of ‘fast growing’ Apple in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Media. An interesting tool for freelance web designers, graphics designers, photographers and anyone who likes to create short and quick movie clips. The competition is forcing both Google and Apple to have more than four big launches in a year.

Keep users in a Proprietary Ecosystem

All big IT giants are trying to maintain their client-base while trying to capture new markets and this App is more for retaining the clients. Whether it’s Apple, Google, Microsoft or Samsung, they are all trying to retain their client-base by enhancing their eco-system to include everything a user needs. For every company, it’s a challenge to retain the customers, and the users are getting interesting advanced features every single month. The ‘feature war’ between mobile and app companies is a big boon for common users.

Apple vs. Samsung

Apple has to fight on multiple fronts, and for Android vs. iOS fight, its biggest rival is Samsung. Samsung had a big setback due to a fault product, and they are trying to recover with new features and new Apps. Have you read our article on “Samsung Bixby and Apple Siri” comparing digital virtual assistants? That is just one part of the comparison. Another comparison is related to the mobile features between iPhone and Galaxy range. Apple has the edge over Samsung which of their giant software platform, which Samsung is missing.

Buy Apple and stick to Apple

The message users have got through this announcement is that they don’t have to look for Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat options but they can stick to ‘Clips’ which is the name for new Apple video app. As you know, Apple is working in a big way on AI as well as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. This app seems to be a step in that direction.

Major Competition with Snapchat

With ten years of iPhone, Apple is all over the mobile world and making new announcements every few weeks. Along with the Clips, Apple also announced a cheaper iPad and new red versions of iPhone 7 and Plus variant. Snapchat is very famous in the US, and their competition is a concern to big players. If Apple can retain the users on their platform for all the chatting time they spend on other Apps, this App will be a huge success.

Have you heard of Instagram stories released in late 2016? With that competition, Apple has to compete with both Instagram and Snap. What’s next for Snapchat is an obvious question as they are leading the chat world at least in the US and they are known to have a better grip on the social media market.

Clips Features

By touching and holding a single button, users can record a video in clips. You can add the famous emojis, filters, and shapes along with a soundtrack. The Apple savvy young users will be enthusiastically awaiting the launch, with a planned launch in April’17.

Some analysts term the Clips as something in-between iMovie and Snapchat. It is possible to edit multiple clips, images and put it into a longer video and share it with friends. The video editing features are like iMovie and using the entire clips in chats and have an interesting chat with friends is more of a Snapchat style.

The flexibility related to the duration of the video is more in Apple Clips. You can have a few seconds short video and an hour long also. You will see features similar to both Snap and iMovie here like the drag-and-drop interface and hold the button to record.

Artificial Intelligence

Use of Artificial Intelligence is something which is a backend feature. The real-time video filters converting your video to a comic book is a unique feature of this App. Image recognition is yet another advanced feature related to AI again. The integrated use of Apple Messages app is one more step towards integrated uniform experience to Apple users.

An exciting new feature is related to ‘Live titles’ where as you speak, the App can go on creating text captions for your video. Are you making a short film of your own just through an App and nothing else? As you can understand, online conversion of audio to text is not an easy job and involves interaction with Apple servers. So, the new features look very user-friendly but there is a lot which goes on behind the scenes, and as technical readers/programmers or freelancers, you have to understand the same. You can also edit the caption if you think a better word is available or there is some error in the transcription.

The app is clearly for the mobile savvy young generation, US Schools, colleges in India and other countries. The professional users in Media and Graphics can also start using it to explore short movie creation with a bit of a difference. The WWDC is yet to happen for this year and releasing any App before this conference has a special meaning for freelance web developer tie-ups.

Share the Video

The Videos can be any longer, but a single clip can’t be more than 30 minutes. Once you complete creation of your clip, you can share it socially on other platforms as well. The longer the clips, you will have some restrictions related to the platform for upload limits and available bandwidth. The App will get eleased after new iPhone and iPad release.


There is one more buzz-word now on the internet called as ‘Clips.’ Create your stories, video clips with comic book like effect. Add music and text titles to that and share the entire clip with friends. Sounds interesting to decorate a video, right? If you are looking for freelance graphic design jobs, you must learn this new App. You don’t have to wait a long to get going with this new fun. May be just another month.

Kitty Gupta