Smarty web templates are one of the oldest template engines for PHP development language. Smarty used as tools for separation purpose. The effort of these templates is associated with software maintenance. Similarly, Twig is also a template engine for the PHP programming language. It’s an open source product, and Symfony2 PHP framework comes with a bundled support for twig as its default template engine. Twig releases after Smarty web templates and thus it delivers quiet more features and enables the coder to read and experience better while coding and redesigning the templates for a website. Further ways it depends on coder practice that which suits his working style and proficiency level in designing concern. In general word discussion is open, and you have all the access to know the best from these two web template engine. So here it goes!

Development by using these template engines you can find over freelancing website and you can submit your project to get it done by the expert developer. Moreover, there is the difference in the opinion of these two template engines; each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Following are the pros of Smarty web templates:

The primary objective of the smarty we template is to separate your application code from your arrangement code. To a great application development process, this allows the developers to work on the application side (PHP) and thus enable the designer to work on the presentation side (HTML). It collects the data from MySQL database for PHP code and consigns it to a template variable and displays in HTML.

Here are the some of the main advantages of using the Smarty template engine:

  1. Changing of the style sheet, changing of templates and looks of your website in your application code can enable the same.
  2. In this template Designer, no need to worry about the editing of templates because of its application code can passes data to templates.
  3. Smarty web templates enable your application code separate from the presentation code, and this leads to giving your application code easier to maintain and it thus becomes lighter.
  4. These templates enable easy understanding code and make it quicker to manage to fix the error.
  5. Because of your complete separation of application from presentation code, you no need to worry about the design mess up.
  6. one of the best pros of this template engine is it helps in preventing your presentation code from allowing a security commit a breach.
  7. in context to caches, smart template engine caches the output of your website which saves time on a presentation the code each time the page is view.

These are cons of using Smarty web templates:

  1. Some of the functions of these smarty web templates are great but some areas of PHP functions because PHP can’t be used directly in a template.
  2. Smarty results in a misunderstanding of presentation code sometimes, primarily it depends on developer/coder who is developing the project.
  3. There are some difficulties like project use to move sometimes to template cache folder- which is not found in the developing process.
  4. The output is instant and sometimes it resulting to slow processing sped.
  5. Templates writers need to learn some simple PHP code for enabling this templates.

Following are the pros of Twig web templates:

Twig has released after Smarty web templates in developing the world. Twig is a modern template engine for PHP comes with the following features:

Fast: Twig compiles templates down to help in optimizing the PHP code. If we compared to regular PHP code, then it was reduced to the very minimum.

Flexibility: Twig is power by lexer & parser, which enable the developer to express its own customize tags, filters and create its DSL.

Secure: twig templates engine has sandbox mode which makes it secure from unauthorized template code behavior. Which helps in modifying the template design?

Concise:  when it comes to template engine in PHP, then this is the best option to choose which deliver PHP language variable output speed.

Fast learning: the syntax is easy in this template engine which makes easier to learn to process by designer/coder.

Unit tested: twig is fully unit tested and documented template engine with an entire online book and course a full API documentation.

Secure: twig also delivers best security option for automatic output escaping.

Vivid error notify: whenever you have syntax error within the template, twig template engine output a positive message with the filename and line number where the problem started. In further action, it eases debugging a lot.

Make code cleaner: by using twig, you separate the content from the container. It enables code cleaner and easily understandable.

Extension bundle: Twig offers an array of extension bundles ranging from debugging, Symfony PHP framework combination and more.

COMPATIBILITY: Twig compatible with Laravel & Symphony especially makes it an easy to install via Composer.

These are cons of using Twig web templates:

Template loading: sometime twig process tends to slow because of its coding issues.


When we compare the both twig with Smarty template engine, then twig is the Wide choice for people in developing world. There are many models in the developing process, but twig enables the best experience and delivers several advantages regarding Smarty web templates. Moreover, twig and smart are similar to one another in some aspect, but when you experience the both, you will witness the differences and speed in uploading to the server. First, sort out your requirements and analyze the designing of templates process which will give you a brief content to choose which web template is best for you.

If you want to develop your templates, and then go with the best you think after reading this discussion over theses two template engine. You can also hire the experienced freelance services. There is various freelancing website over the internet who deliver quality service to their clients. So you need to check out their reviews, portfolio details have a small chat with them and compare their works with another service provider then only you can find the optimal freelance company or developer for your project.


Kitty Gupta