When we talk about developing the mobile app, there are various freelancers’ jobs online. Those are an expert in ANGULARJS OR REACTJS they can opt for the job and can easily by submitting a project to the clients.

AngularJS is a framework that permits developers to develop the HTML vocabulary for custom applications. Angular offers absolute control administration highlights including controllers and plain JavaScript. The system allows developers to line up a backend with profound connecting, frame approval and server correspondence. Angular additionally allows developers to make and reuse parts, and it is embeddable and testable.

Merits of ANGULARJS:

  2. Easy while coding test
  3. Excellent with angular libraries.
  4. Helps in template building techniques


  1. In it, design tends to be slow.
  2. Because of many pages elements, angular becomes slower in function.
  3. Performance is the week as compared to ReactJS.
  4. Very hard to debug.

ReactJS is not just an innovation for making dynamic UIs. Certainly, it is unopinionated about how you structure whatever is left of your frontend application. In any case, it doesn’t imply that there are no thoughts or rules that can help you with making different parts of your application. Numerous thoughts and advancements adjust well to ReactJS one of those thoughts is data inflexible. It originates from the useful programming world & connected to the plan of your frontend application can have many advantages.

Benefits of REACTJS:

  1. Update fast
  2. Excellent for JavaScript debugging
  3. Component-based structural design.
  4. It can read native library

Cons of ReactJS:

  1. The main basic things is it is not a full framework; it is a library
  2. Traditional practice concern.
  3. Not choose by mobile app developers.
  4. Configuration issue faced by developer sometimes.

Now together, AngularJS is operated by Google and ReactJS is managed by FaceBook. Both of these are a unique framework and resourceful in their way to developers.  These structures used in developing the mobile application. However, they both have their distinct features and identity. Let us discuss their benefits, uses, scope and compatibility:

With the latest launch of AngularJS it has come up with the latest features:

Simple Decision Making:

Since AngularJS is a structure, it gives mainly outlook and usefulness that are out of the container. AngularJS helps you begin all the more rapidly without reaction scared by choices. Thus additionally helps new designers experience at home more quickly and makes exchanging developers between groups all the more simple and reasonable.

Segment structure:

 AngularJS 2 developed a system to a stage. Hence, you can without much of a stretch utilize its sections with different systems. Extra usefulness might be executed similarly as parts that achieve it entirely, so as orders that expand the use of the current segment.

Creating condition:

You can pick your most loved condition for building with AngularJS. Moreover, there are many developers use Typescript; you are allowed to apply JavaScript, Coffee Script. For formats, you can utilize either clean HTML or pre-processors like Jade.

 Testing in AngularJS versus ReactJS :

At first, AngularJS was made to make it simple to compose tests for applications, particularly if you use modules, as prescribed in the official documentation. In this manner, AngularJS has a noteworthy preferred standpoint of testing simplicity which gives another motivation to pick AngularJS.

Following are the advantages of ReactJS:

Search engine optimization friendly: The entire JavaScript framework are reactive towards SEO, ReactJS is better of all and choice of everyone in this regard. All you need is run ReactJS on the server, and virtual document object model (DOM) will return to your browser as individual web pages.

JSX is an HTML alike punctuation that accumulates down to JavaScript. For JSX, markup and codes are made in a similar document. This implies code finish gives you some assistance as you write references to your part’s capacities and factors. Interestingly, AngularJS string-based formats accompany the typical drawbacks: There is no code sharing in many editors, constrained code finishing backing, and run-time disappointments. Therefore, ReactJS is to the lead in this.

 Extraordinary User Interface:

ReactJS Native is a great deal more centered on UI, not at all like AngularJS. It gives your clients an exceedingly active interface with the assistance of JavaScript collaborations between the Native condition of the gadget and ReactJS Native. Hence, this builds the application’s heap time and keeps it running easily with no intrusions.

Exceedingly productive:

ReactJS makes its virtual document object model (DOM) where your segments were kept. This approach gives designers high adaptability and astonishing execution pick up because ReactJS figures what change should have been made in the virtual DOM ahead of time and updates the DOM-trees in like manner. In this form, ReactJS maintains a strategic distance from the exorbitant DOM operations and does refresh in a remarkably productive way.


Now you have an overview about both of this a framework. Hence if you are trying to go with one option, then you have two choices. If you are the beginner or you are seeking to build or develop a new a basic web app, then you can use both the framework. However, points to remember that react JS is real time, SEO friendly and similar in temperament with heavy traffic. On the contrary, AngularJS is an excellent framework for secure development and testing dependability.

Moreover, in context to freelance developers, you can hire freelancers online for your business application development. Expertise people are there to assist you and submit your project. All you need to go with their website details analyze portfolio and past work of clients. There are many things which you need to take care of before submitting your project to the best developer. All the methodology and their company communication to their review also help you to guess how they are confident about your requirements. Study minutely and then select the best freelancer company for your business application. Now you have the overview of differences, so either develop or hire freelancer developer for professional way of witnessing application.


Kitty Gupta