“Understanding your employee’s perspective can go a long way towards increasing productivity and happiness”-

The key result of a survey based on working hours for the successful business that, productivity can increase with fewer working hours.  In Today’s corporate world entrepreneur are looking for a smarter way to increase the productivity. There are many countries which deal with the policy of working for 6-7 hours a day and increase the business productivity.

  • Freelance jobs are rapidly increasing nowadays because of this experienced and expert people are working on their own and earning according to their need and wants. As a corporate business manager, you need to understand that management of employees and to make their mind motivated all the time to give best to the company. The primary concern is about the overload of working hour’s makes uneasy and not compatible to many employees. Thus they prefer to work in a freelancer sites. In contrary if you set proper corporate working hours for your employees then they will definitely give their best of effort in an estimated time and result will help in boosting business productivity.

“The introduction of a six-hour working day has already been implemented by some employers in Britain with many reporting positive results – improved employee focus and productivity,” said Barry Koolen, regional managing director at Crown Workplace Relocations.

Four out of 10 bosses stated that they believe in 6 hours working in the day which results into the result as in eight hours.  The manager also favored the shorter working day because they think having more free time to employees makes them fit, mentally stable with spending time with family and physical well-being, boost their creativity and reduce the number of absenteeism. In general, we need to understand the fact that to manage the business and employee management is twin inseparable part of the corporate business. Employees are the human stock of the firm and, they are the key reason for all the activities and every single transaction, so focus on their well-being and manage their working hours accordingly. Foreign companies are historically leading eight hours working day created to uplift a work-life balance and these findings suggest sounder cultural shift towards a six-hour working day.

The business owner needs to understand that employees are the asset for their organization, and should think about employees working capacity and their working hours so that they should work properly and stay fit.  Following are the key point to remember by staff and employers both to maintain harmony to the business environment which will lead to boost productivity:

  1. Don’t work hard, work smart

Many organizations follow working hard but now it’s time to reshape this thought of working hard, we should work smart and compress our skill to give more to the stipulated time in every day of organization.

  1. Manage timing

The optimal solution for increasing productivity of any organization is by managing the time and task span equally. It’s like managing your working hours with work allotted to subordinates by superior/manager.

  1. Right person for right job

It is a well-known fact that stuffing deals with placing right person the right position imperative and believing them are another essential mental activity to be performed by the manager. Which will help you to grow your business productivity?

  1. Formal authority with friendly environment

Legal authority means delivering and managing human stock in a formal way to create a positive effect in the organization. Whereas friendly environment refers to work in this legal authority with a cooperative view keeping in mind, it ensures the healthy relationship between peer members.

  1. Grievance cell

Another important thing is taking feedback from employees. Employees complain box is term as grievance cell where they can share problem without revealing or knowingly showing their name after a complaint or suggestion. This process makes the environment comfortable and ensures proper communication between both the parties. Knowing the reasonable issue against any matter and simplifying the same after a good discussion makes it more logical and compatible to any employees in an organization.

Studies also expound that working longer in a day doesn’t necessarily result in higher productivity. Putting small working hours of 6 in a day initially boosts your productivity of the company, but eventually, an output will decline. Other studies found that overwork will give you short term result and when you will continue the same system then will get decline and sometimes leads to negative impact.

When we talk about freelancing jobs, then we should also take consideration that company can also go for freelancing job, and many websites deliver right platform for project seeker. Following are the freelance tips which will help in boosting productivity:

  1. You can update a professional and appropriate personal portfolio. Show all your project which you have done, and you have all right to show to the world about your particular area and best project submission data.
  2. Distribute Work in shift basis to employees and make them aware of doing which project at which time. Typically every company believes that working more can give much productivity but it’s not like that working smart and working in a right time will boost productivity.
  3. You need to have all the qualities of a manager, not a leader. You need to manage your staff and assign them their task on a daily basis and make them ensure to provide their respective project stage and status regularly or accordingly.
  4. If you start with the best management method, you will either get an accurate result or more than you have estimated but for this optimal individual stock outstanding and their working condition needs to study.

Moreover, when we talk about technological changes, then we must think that use of technology with the employee’s creativity makes a business enterprise well performed and well organized. Allow them 6-7 working hours in a day and make them well aware of accomplishing task smartly in a creative way and then enjoy their personal life which makes them energized and happy to work for the company on another day with fresh and satisfied mood.