Apple device, the choice of everyone for its style, design, durability, and system features. Apple has its App Store where from Apple user downloaded apps and use it for their various purpose, but some of the application are not ready to download for free or regularly. You can also hire freelancers to compile iOS jailbreak tweak for a further version of iOS. Choose the best developer and go with your need.

There are many happy users of Apple, and then there are the people who are not satisfied and want to break the restrictions. Some people believe that Apple has forced to use what comes in default apps with iOS. It is true that you cannot change certain things on your phone; you cannot customize structure and also cannot change some of the options from third party developers. Thus there is the solution for those who want to break the Apple guidelines, and they are jailbreakers by frustration. It is easy to understand the jailbreaking reason because it enables the user to customize own Apple devices in day-to-day experience with hardware. You can go with another surfing app if you don’t want to use Safari for surfing. Jailbreak helps you to ignore Safari and apples other application in total.

Following are the steps to be followed for downloading iOS 10 jailbreaks:

Italian jailbreakers and developer Luca Todesco has come with the release of jailbreak called Yalu Jailbreak. It is compatible with iOS 10 and here is the procedure to download it step wide.

Method A: Using Safari

  1. Launch Safari web on your iPhone with iOS running.
  2. Then open a website with URL There is a special page designed for downloading Pangu iOS 10 app on your device.
  3. In this step go to the bottom of the displayed page where up button is there. Tap on that UP button.
  4. In the next phase of this method, you need to choose to add to HomeScreen and tap to proceed.
  5. In further step rename the app icon as Pangu and touch add.
  6. You have installed Pangu app icon on your iOS device. Now ten jailbreaks for fast system experience.

Without using a jailbreak that is typical user can’t change the look of-of your gadget, control and install apps other than what Apple system has default installed in the iOS 10 and available in the iOS app store. You can only do what Apple wants you to do and run on your device. Unless you jailbreak your iPhone with Pangu App. Top 5 reason why iPhone user jailbreaks their phone:

  1. it’s your device right! So you should change what you want to make changes to it.
  2. You should download your different application from anywhere you want, not only from the iPhone APP STORE.
  3. You can customize your phone according to you against any boundaries which Apple offers as default on the phone.

Following are the best app for jailbroken iPhone app:

Mywi: helps in enabling hotspot for your device

MxTube: Download offline YouTube videos for offline views

PDANet: for sharing internet connection with friends and relatives.

My3G: it helps in allowing Wi-Fi processes to run on the 3g network.

INTELLISCREEN: by using this app you can make shortcut HomeScreen Icon of email & calendar.

Now following are the cons or what Apple says about choosing jailbreak:

Apple is always rigid with not to use jailbreaking. Apple frequently updates their system and detects the jailbreak software and removes them from the system. The logic behind this is developer develops application after hard work of coding and they deserve some monetary benefits, and it is only possible if theses application or software is not free.  One should pay and use the apps. There is also other concern which apple explain to their customer for not to use this jailbreaking technique. iOS is designed to protect the user from the first day. It enables security features and protects your device from malware, viruses and warm. Unauthorized customization of iOS devices is known as jailbreaking.

  • Jailbreak removes the security concern of t your Apple device
  • Jailbreak result is the unpredictable behavior of your iPhone devices.
  • Jailbreaking apps do not run smooth which lead to poor iPhone user experience and also leads to poor battery life.
  • Notification from Apple default application such as
  • Visual voicemail
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • iCloud
  • Apple Push notification all suffer because of this jailbroken handling.
  • Because of frequent update of the system from Apple many jailbreak iPhone device not get updated and result in the old phone and with poor user experience.
  • Data synchronization problem in much application which came in default option.

Conclusion: should we go with the jailbreak option or not?

As we have come across the method of installing jailbreak in your iPhone devices, its uses, its reason for installation and allowed can say that if you use this jailbreak software, you can customize, alter, and enjoy other application features on your iPhone devices.  Even you can go ahead by using different other application in your various iOS devices and can witness other application features and multiple uses in day to day life. On the contrary, you should not use this jailbreaking tools to avoid the danger of security breach. Apple strongly not recommend Apple device user against installing any software that hacks iOS. It is also an important factor that unauthenticated activities like modification in iOS are against iOS end user software license agreement.

It depends on your decision to go with the jailbreaking software or not to go. Now you have come across uses, limitation, and guide to install iOS 10 jailbreaking software.

Apart from all these limitation and user concern, if you are looking for iOS development for developing an application or compiling issue in jailbreaking concern, then you can go with the freelancing work. There are many freelance jobs available for expert and professional developer who seek challenges project and satisfy clients need. There are many online portals where jailbreaking development fixed.