Twitter Lite is a web application version of Twitter. The main aim of Twitter is to give a better experience on the slow connection. One of the most important things is that the firm has not compromised with just features, whereas, they offer Twitter Lite version for quicker connectivity. Every day, Twitter is used by millions of people all throughout the world. There are many barriers to use Twitter, which includes expensive data plans, more storage on a mobile device or slow mobile networks.

At the end of 2016, smartphones have grown up to 3.8 billion connection and 45 percent of mobile connection is still on the slow network of 2G according to the GSMA. Today, Twitter Lite is rolling out of a new mobile web app experience, which is minimized data usage and quickly load on slower connections. It is resilient on the unreliable mobile networks and also takes up less than one megabyte on your mobile device.

They optimized to speed up to 30 percent faster launching time and quicker navigation through the Twitter. The freelance websites provide some key features of your Twitter timeline like trends, notifications, media uploads, direct messages, tweets and much more. Twitter Lite makes more accessible to people. These all need you via tablet or smartphone with the browser.

How to set up of Twitter Lite?

  • First, visit the from your device.
  • Now login into your account with e-mail id, username, and password.
  • After successful login process, now the web page will show up on Twitter Lite.
  • Then, it shows add web page of the Twitter Lite to the home screen.
  • Instead of this, if you are using Chrome, then click on three dot menu and click add to home screen.
  • After opening the Twitter Lite web app.
  • You will see 4 options namely home, messages, search and notifications.
  • Finally, you can easily access to your profile by tapping on the profile picture and it’s located on top of the left corner.

Features of Twitter Lite:

Twitter Lite is the main aim of giving a good experience with slow internet connections. So it is very light in weight and high speed than Twitter app or website. Here the freelance services give some Twitter Lite features that are mentioned below:

  • Fast: It is very fast and takes to load only a few milliseconds. You can browse on your Twitter feed, search, access notification and high speed than you can do on the Twitter main app or website. Most pages are less than one-megabyte size and it takes less storage space on mobile phone.
  • Low data consumption: Twitter Lite cannot high speed, but it consumes only low data. To save more data, Twitter Lite comes with the mode of data saver. If you can enable a mode of data saver, then it reduces data usage up to 70 percent. In data saver mode, it cannot load GIFs or images until you manually tap on images or GIFs and to load it.
  • Offline access: It supports offline access so the experience of Twitter will not interrupt if you can lose internet connection.
  • Push notification: On the modern browser includes Google Chrome. You will receive several push notifications and also get all latest updates from the Twitter.
  • Automatic updates: Unlike Twitter application, Twitter Lite is an application of web. So you cannot have any updates to get the latest features. Twitter Lite will be automatically getting on all new features and updates.

Updates of Twitter Lite:

At the first time, Twitter Lite is globally launched partner with Vodafone. It provides customized timeline of top cricket that is related to the Tweets available through Twitter Lite to telecommunication smartphone customer’s in the T20 season. Now, Indian cricket fan on the network of Vodafone can subscribe to two hundred million people in the country. So the Twitter Lite can use to get real-time updates from favorite cricket leagues, matches, teams, commentators or players.

Which Smartphone’s do twitter Lite work?

  • Now the Twitter Lite is globally available through It makes very easy to access for millions of people. One of the new mobile web app experiences to access anyone with tablet or smartphone with browser.
  • The freelance websites is easily optimized for speed up of 30 percent faster launching time and reduced data usage of up to 70 percent with the mode of data saver turned on.
  • All in one needs are tablet or smartphone with browser, there is no required for Google play account or App store.
  • It is available in forty-two languages including 6 Indian languages like Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali.
  • The browser based on the product, which will be rolled out of countries like Philippines and Indonesia soon.
  • It is easy to access on special cricket timeline throughout the entire T20 season. Twitter Lite is added to follow the prompt to your mobile phone home screen button and quickly launched to this app with one tap.
  • For those who already have native app, which is installed with high-speed device and connection speed. You can move from web experience to native app.

Beyond this curate timeline of Twitter from the partnership of Vodafone, you can easily use Twitter Lite and gets more score updates, match interviews, access to experts and more cricket related information on Twitter from the content partners like ESPNcriclnfo and Cricbuzz throughout the season of T20.


Twitter has mentioned above to work on adding features and updates to Twitter Lite and developing many partnerships across the emerging markets to make more useful of Twitter Lite. Many other freelance services of technical giants have launched Twitter Lite version of an own platform. In February 2017, Microsoft was announced launch of Skype Lite to be tapped into emerging markets such as India. Still, Twitter Lite is a welcome update. At the same time, India is a fast catching up nation in the mobile data race and courtesy to Reliance Jio, and companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. With the recent YouTube Go is also trying to reposition them for a new opportunity better than data access that can throw up. Twitter wants to make and give the best way for you. It gets real time updates on the latest news, sports, politics, entertainment and other topics that matters the most for you.