WhatsApp is one the best applications that allows a user on mobile device to communicate with other by using end to end encryption. With it, user can securely chat and call with each other, send files and engage in group chat. Although, WhatsApp is used with corresponding telephone numbers with the features of contacts, messages and calls, actually, it makes use data connection for the communication process to take on. Therefore, if anyone decides to communicate with other or a specific contact from his/her contact list, then they must have to access only through the internet connection on their mobile devices. Due to this reason, WhatsApp users do not incur MMS and SMS fees.

Whatsapp is owned by the ever-growing Facebook. This app is much closer to source software, which means it is difficult for the experts from outside to confirm that the firm has implemented encryption method in a secure way. Moreover, this WhatsApp method can be used to send the encrypted messages, images and videos are public and regarding as secure. So they can hire freelancers to give the latest features and updates so you can use right app for it.

How to install WhatsApp?

Download and install WhatsApp: On your device, Google Play store is used to enter and search WhatsApp. Select the WhatsApp messenger app by WhatsApp Inc. After that, WhatsApp is tapped to install and see a list of function. It needs to access all functions and click to accept. After finished the WhatsApp downloading, then tap to open and launch this app.

Register and verify phone number: You will have to accept WhatsApp service terms and privacy policy. Tap to continue and then it allows for each user if you’re wishing to grant their permissions. And then enter your phone number and tap to right pointing arrow. You will see verify dialogue box. In order to verify phone number and it will send SMS with 6 digit codes. At that point, you may see dialogue that indicates requesting WhatsApp to access your SMS message. If you can tap to allow, then it automatically recognizes when you have received code and complete the process of registration.

Invite and add contacts to WhatsApp:

Once the WhatsApp is activated, it automatically goes via contact list on your phone and adds contacts to your account. In case of some contacts are not on use in WhatsApp, and then you can send an invitation and make them join the WhatsApp by following some steps that are given below:

  • Open the WhatsApp on your device.
  • Next tap the contacts button from the top menu.
  • Once the contact screen is tapped on, a green color invite button appears besides contact name.
  • Then, next screen will be opened with pre-composed and ready to send message, images and videos. Just simple to tap the contacts and send an invitation via your contact.
  • Next, tap the contacts and pick the +add people symbol.
  • Then next screen, you will fill your new contact name, mobile number and other information and tap to save.

New features of WhatsApp status:

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that allows user to put status in the form of image, video or GIF. The fun part of the status is that this feature will allow the status visible just for only twenty-four hours and then it automatically removes. Remember that how to use and put a cool single liner status and forget about it. This new feature cannot allow to dormant and nowadays visible on its platform. If you need to be in people eyes, then you have to post regularly and update the status daily. The hire freelancers are giving more information about the latest news and updates of WhatsApp.

Launching online payment service:

WhatsApp is launching the service of digital payment in India as soon as possible. There are more than two hundred millions of users using WhatsApp in the country. It is the first foray into peer to peer payment service that will like to be a huge hit. This company may announce it for billion global users of this app. Even the WeChat has introduced the feature of payment in China. At the same time, Indian news website reported that the Ken WhatsApp is working on the features of payment, where cash is digitally transferred from one person to another. The freelance gigs may introduce this feature in India within next 6 months.

In addition to this, job advertisement gives only WhatsApp own website, where they have to post their requirements for the candidates, who are technical in financial background and also someone who are understands India’s UPI (Unifies Payments Interface) very well. At this point, anyone must learn more information regarding BHIM payment app, which enables more users to be transferred money and merchant payments by using phone number. This post in WhatsApp is used for digital transaction that leads only to India.

India is a country that plays important role for the development of WhatsApp is reported by the WhatsApp Spokesperson. Moreover, the company stands clearly to promote itself into new levels by understanding on how to contribute on many versions of Digital India. PM Modi announced the government’s flagship programme of Digital India, which is the main goal of boosting the use of internet based services in India. In addition to this, the spokesperson opened up that they are exploring on how they may work with other companies, which also share their visions and continue closely listening to the feedback from the users.

Demonetization and Digital India were two big moves by Indian government, which facilitates the rise of digital payment service in the country. There are many services such as PayTm are available in India. Recently, Phone ID app and TrueCaller app has a great base in India. The freelance gigs have started digital payment service throughout the country with the partnership of ICICI bank. Now, the decision of the user to user payment by using Whatsapp, it makes lots of sense in India. Facebook has added features of payment on it messenger app in the U.S. At the same time, launching in WhatsApp can make a more sense around India while many users are using this app, which is getting more popular and high pretty in the country.


In the year of January 2016, the service of digital payment in India has clocked up of more than two hundred and sixty-two million transactions range of $1.3 billion. According to the RBI, it takes hundred million transactions from the last October. The government has launched an own digital payment service only for digital payment, unified payment service, foster to this growth, letting banks and apps easily exchanged in currency. If the WhatsApp does launch a digital payment service, then it will have to pick the correct time and get involved in it.

Kitty Gupta