As it was expected earlier, WhatsApp has announced the launching of their messaging application that are exclusively running of the KaiOS devices. Here, WhatsApp is easily available for their first impression or first-gen JioPhone and also for JioPhone 2 feature phones. It is also important to note down that WhatsApp is getting rolled out in Jio app store in much-phased manner, hence it is also easily available just for the select number of the JioPhones at such point of the time. On the other hand, with effect from 20th September, the app will now be available to the users of JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

When you are wondering that how to install the WhatsApp on the JioPhone, so, you have even landed on right page. Below mentioned are the detailed instructions that are step by step to install as well as use of the WhatsApp on the JioPhone. Apart from this, we have also mentioned that the WhatsApp features which are easily available for jio feature phone.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is mainly the proper use of the messaging services all around the world and also Reliance Jio has even launched the WhatsApp officially for their Jio Phone. Hence, now we may also simply see that how we may be able to register or even make Whatsapp Account in Jio Phone. Moreover, there are various different basic steps available that can also create the WhatsApp Account in your Jio phone.

Tips To begin the account of WhatsApp In your Jio Phone

For the initial time you need to install WhatsApp in your Jio Phone, and also after this you will also be simply able to create the WhatsApp account and the registration of WhatsApp. There are few of the basics steps that you will be able to simply follow and create the WhatsApp account in your Jio Phone.

Once you will install the WhatsApp on your Jio phone with all the mentioned steps, you will soon be able to see the find home screen that is available on the WhatsApp on phone with all groups that you mainly are the member of. It is really sad to mention that there is just no way through which you can restore or even backup the messages on the WhatsApp for your JioPhone. Hence, the entire previous chat history does not be available on feature phone.

A Guide for creating WhatsApp Account In Your Jio Phone

Well it is quite popularly knowing that steps needed to create the WhatsApp account in your smartphone. The entire process is same just like the process that we follow on smartphone for creating the WhatsApp account. All you need to do is just follow the step by step guide for making the WhatsApp account in your Jio phone.

Step 1: As an initial step, unlock the phone as well as tap on Menu button that could help you to access the complete menu.

Step 2: After this you need to search the WhatsApp in menu and click on the WhatsApp.

Step 3: Here, the screen will now appear that will simply show various Terms & Policy and you will also see a button of Agree. Click on agree button for proceeding.

Step 4: After this, you will need to Enter the Mobile Number and then you will have to verify your mobile number by clicking on Next button.

Step 5: Now here WhatsApp will send the OTP to the mobile that you have simply entered. Moreover, you may even need to check the number if there is any kind of the mistake you may need to change by clicking on Edit.

Step 6: After this an OTP will come to the mobile number that you have entered. Here, you don’t need to type the OTP as this will auto-fetch your OTP from message that you received from WhatsApp.

Step 7: Subsequent to verifying it with OTP, the screen will appear where you need to Enter the Name which will also be able to simply displayed on the WhatsApp.

Step 8: After this you need to successfully registered your WhatsApp.

How will you see the WhatsApp status of your friends without showing it?

Yes, you will be able to see the status of your friends without even showing it to them. At the same time, with this method, the person also will not even know that you have save their status.

Can I turn on the verification process of 2 step on your WhatsApp?

The Two-Step Verification is mainly the process through which the user needs to do the verification process of 2 steps that for verifying itself from preventing the unauthorized access to the account as this will simply add the layer of additional protection to your whatsapp account. Through enabling this we will be able to access the account just after it gets successful. When you will enable the process of Two-Step Verification in your WhatsApp you will need to simply verify yourself through following the below-mentioned ways:

1. OTP also known as the One Time Password: Here, you need to mention the OTP at time of the registration of WhatsApp account.

2. Entering the 6 Digit Passcode: This is also other layer or the other level of security. Here, you will just allow to accessing the account subsequent to providing passcode of 6 digit.

How will I send the WhatsApp message to own number?

When you wish to message yourself in the WhatsApp so there are different methods that are available. However, do you think that why you need it? Is it mainly an advantage for you or for you not. Here you don’t need to actually worry we need to see how one can use the features of WhatsApp to make the benefits and also what are required steps to message at your number.


The WhatsApp for JioPhone actually doesn’t provide you with the full-fledged experience which is also available on your smartphones. WhatsApp for your JioPhone even allows you to simply mute the conversation and your group chats. This is all you should know about the WhatsApp on your Jio Phone.