Whether it is iOS or Android user, WhatsApp messenger is a popular massaging service that is available on every phone. The windows version of WhatsApp allows the user to make a video call on PC. Changing the Whatsapp number involves a lot of complexity especially the sim card is changed. But using this process, the user can keep the number fixed. Nothing is to be changed with the original contact number.

 To save the mobile number from hacks and frauds, the Australian version of the local Whsatpp account can be one of the most useful measures. It will prevent the user to avoid complexity regarding the usage of two separate sim cards. Thus the cost is saved. The main purpose of such activity is to maintain privacy and avoid hackers from tracking the mobile number.

What are the benefits of the created Whatsapp account?

  •  The user is now getting sufficient protection from hackers. There is no requirement of a dual sim feature. With the same number the person can call and text. It is just the Australian version of the actual mobile number. 
  •  The mobile number is getting international recognition. The safety protocols are maintained during keeping the personal information of the user. There is no possibility of technical failure.
  • Security and safety of the original mobile number is assured. Now the person can easily share is contact number with an unknown person. He/she will not be disturbed by unknown WhatsApp texts.
  •  Now the international calling will not consume any cost. Since it is an internet-based service, the call charges are run at the expense of megabytes. Now the user can call at any corner of the world.
  •  The user can now surprise the family members and relatives by a WhatsApp ping from an unknown number. He/she can share the number even on social networking sites. It can be the best in making innovation in the social world.
  •  The temporary spoof number can be used by WhatsApp for making any modification or technical purpose. The person should note both the actual and Australia-based number for further reference or if any inconvenience is faced.

Is there any hidden feature or trick involved behind such activity?

  • Free service: There is no hidden cost involved in the entire process. The activity is very transparent. There will be no issue of fraud. The personal details are secured. There is no requirement of involving any software expert to carry on the process. 
  • Easy Recording: The recorded feature is the newly added advantage to the internal WhatsApp account. It is not present in traditional accounts. Now the user can record calls or important discussions over WhatsApp calls with its help. It will be of great help. The recording can be recording in MP4 format and shared over any messaging service directly without any difficulty.
  • Smooth working: The Android device will function properly even with the newly adopted international account. The WhatsApp will not hang and behave normally just like other applications. Thus the activity will not affect the working performance of the mobile device. The user can send texts and receive confidential information without worry. There is no chance that is the number is on track by any fraud. The person can update the version from Playstore after a certain period of time. After the update, the Whatsapp will run freely as before.
  • International number: The account will be having a number with an international extension. The user can easily adopt a privacy policy if he/she is not comfortable sharing the personal mobile number. Thus a distinction can be maintained between the contact number and what number. In many cases, if both the numbers are the same, unknown people disturb through WhatsApp texts. The user is now getting two numbers with just one sim card.

What are the steps to create the Whatsapp account using the Australian number?

  • Step1: There are several applications is available in the Google Playstore. The user needs to install one of the applications in the device.
  • Step2: There is a sign-up process by which the original mobile number is verified. The one-time password will be sent to the user’s mobile phone.
  • Step3: After the installation, the user has to look into a menu button at the top left corner of the web page. Once screened through the page, he/she can find the Australian number along with the extension.
  • Step3: This is the official Australian number and it should be noted down for further reference. It will be the new number with which you can operate the WhatsApp account.
  • Step4: Whatsapp application should be present in the device with the old number. Now it is required to delete the old version of Whatsapp. Re-installation will now be the next step.
  • Step5: The new Whatsapp number is now required to input for performing the reinstallation. Whatsapp will now send a response by updating or activating the “Calling me” option. The activity may take some time and the user needs to wait for some time.
  • Step6: Once activated, the “Call me” option should be clicked. The call is received through the Playstore application. 
  • Step7: The verification code is given with the help of the call. The user should sit and carefully note down the code in a diary for further reference.
  • Step8: In this way the verification is complete. Now the user can operate the WhatsApp using the Australian number. It is a process that neither consumes time nor any cost. 

Conclusion: In the modern-day, Whatsapp messaging service has connected people across the world. One can even do a video chat or an audio call without involving phone call charges. But the good things come with some drawbacks. The biggest internet threat that the entire world is witnessing is cybercrime. The hackers are always there to trace the numbers and perform unethical activities. With this process, the user can hide his/her original contact number. In this way, privacy is ensured. The activity can be done without any external cost. There is also no requirement for technical expertise.