If you searching for a job in PHP coding, then you must know what type of questions you can ask in an interview. Below are some common questions which most of the candidates face in an interview.

What is PHP

PHP is a general-purpose programming language used to design websites or web applications. It is a server-side scripting language embedded in HTML for developing static websites, dynamic websites, or web applications.

What is the full format of PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor and was previously abbreviated as a personal home page.

What was the old PHP name?

The old name of PHP was Personal Homepage. It is a server-side scripting language for designing dynamic websites or web applications.

What are main Features of PHP?

  • Receives data from a form and produces dynamic page content.
  • It works with databases, sessions, sending and receiving cookies, sending emails, etc.
  • This feature allows you to add, remove, and change the contents of your database.
  • This feature allows you to set access restrictions for your website.

How many levels of scope does the PHP language have? Describe them.

This question shows that future PHP developers understand the principles of programming. In addition, this issue is important from the perspective of data security, which is an important issue today. Candidates here quote three existing levels that are private, public, and protected. The first level is visible in my class, the second level is visible in a script that accesses the class, and the last class that should be explained is that levels are displayed exclusively.

What do you think are the essential qualities that PHP developers should have?

This job interview question is classic, but I expect some answers from PHP programmers. Among them, logical reasoning, analytical mind, patience, insatiable curiosity, exhaustiveness, and each of these characteristics are evidence of a candidate’s ability to occupy a position as a PHP developer.

Do you distinguish between static and dynamic websites?

Static website: The server returns the web page as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Static sites do not serve content on the server.

Dynamic Website-The server returns a web page. These are processed at run time. That is, they are not pre-built web pages, but are created at runtime according to your requirements using server-side scripting languages ​​such as PHP, Node.js, and ASP. .NET and many others compatible with the server.

What are the correct and two ways to start and stop PHP code blocks?

To run a hypertext pre-processor script from the command line: PHP code always starts with code block is as follows:

Run the PHP program from the command line as follows:

  • Open a terminal or command line window.
  • Then you can run your PHP code with the php filename.php command.
  • Display text with PHP script
  • There are two methods for displaying text: the Eco method and the Print method.

Is PHP case sensitive?

No, PHP may be case sensitive. That is, variable names are case-sensitive and function names are case-insensitive. H. Custom functions are not confidential.

Write the difference between PHP 4 and PHP 5.

PHP 5 includes many additional OOP functions (Object Oriented Programming).

What are the rules for naming PHP variables?

  • Variables in your program are used to store some values ​​or data that your program can use. The properties of the variables are:
  • Variables declared in PHP must start with a dollar sign ($), followed by the variable name.
  • Variable names include alphanumeric characters and underscores (eg & # 39; az & # 39;, & # 39; AZ & # 39;, 0-9 & # 39;, & # 39; & # 39; ) In her name.
  • PHP is a poorly written language and there is no need to declare the data type of variables. PHP does it automatically when parsing the value.
  • PHP sums are case sensitive, so $sum and $SUM are handled differently

How can I define a constant in PHP?

The define () function creates and gets the use of constants. Hypertext pre-processor constants are identifiers whose values ​​do not change over time. The constant cannot be changed or undefined. The $ symbol is not used in constants.

What is a popular CMS for PHP?

WordPress: WordPress is a low cost open source content management system (CMS) framework. This is the most used CMS framework these days.

Joomla: This is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) for the dissemination of web content. It follows the framework of the Model View Controller web application, which can be used independently.

Magento: An open source platform for electronic commerce to grow your online business.

What is Purpose of the statement of break and continue?

Break: interrupt statement immediately ends the entire cycle iteration, and program control proceeds to the next statement following the cycle.

Continue: The continue statement leaves the current iteration and executes the next iteration prematurely. Continuation 2 serves as case completion and skips the current iteration of the loop.

How to use count () function in PHP

The hypertext pre-processor count () function is used to count the number of elements in an array. The function can return the set variable 0 in an empty array. The function also returns 0 for variables that are not set.

What are the different types of PHP loops?

PHP supports four different types of loops.

  • For the loop
  • In a loop
  • While looping
  • foreach loop

Distinguish between PHP foreach and for loops?

The for loop executes open iterations, while the foreach loop visually hides and simplifies the iterations.

The performance of the foreach loop is better than that of the for loop in case of PHP.

The foreach loop goes through a series of elements, but it simplifies execution and finishes the loop in less time than a for loop.

The foreach loop reserves temporary storage for index iterations that eliminates overall memory performance from typical systems.