WhatsApp is a great platform to stay connected with your loved ones, and it is the best app available for messaging because of the number of features it has. But using an International number for WhatsApp fascinates people. And today we are going to talk about creating a WhatsApp account with France number so without any further ado, let’s start.

But getting a France number and create a WhatsApp number with that is not everyone’s cup of tea, but nothing is impossible in this connected world. There are many websites which can provide you with France e-sim to use it on your phone. But buying an e-sim might seem pricy to you, but everything has their own upside down.

Steps to create WhatsApp account with France Number

• Basically, they are two ways to get your e-sim installed on your phone. You can use the e-sim provider app, or you can use the QR code.

• Log in to your apps account and click on e-sim under my e-sim section. There you will find a QR code option, and the QR code needed to install on your phone appears. Since you need to scan the QR code of the sim, you need to have a separate device to scan the QR code.

• Then go to settings

• Go to cellular

• Go to add a cellular plan

• And scan the QR code from there, but to add the e-sim separately fuss, you need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection.

• Then tap on done. There is also an option to rename your sim.

• But to start using your e-sim as the sim we are installing on our phone is a roaming sim, you have to enable data roaming.

• And then set the APN.

Once the network meter shows, you can install WhatsApp on your phone then.

• After opening the WhatsApp, you have to put the number which you have got from the service provider website.

• Then you will receive an OTP on your number, and then you are ready to go and enjoy your WhatsApp number that too France number.

Whatsapp Abroad does it works? Is it free to talk on Whatsapp?

Of course. As it is one more application on your mobile, you will have no problem using it in any country.  You only need an internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or by mobile data.

Therefore, you can send free messages, without paying any money, to anyone who is in any part of the world. The fact that you are in another country does not change anything.

How to add a contact number on whatsapp account in France?

Although each cell phone indeed has a different system, the procedure for registering a new contact is basically the same. It is very easy to register a new contact with the cell phone, so I do not think this step is complicated.

What you should do is search for your cell phone, once you have it with you it is necessary to enter the menu or contact list, try to search for the option to add a new contact. You need to be in the contact registration menu so that you can save the contact number for France; this way, at the end of the process, they will be able to maintain contact through WhatsApp. In addition, in most cases, the registration of the contact number for France must start with the symbol (+).

Kitty Gupta