All we know that programming is a mesmerizing career option in the present world. It has glamor, mystery, and money offered you do hard work to accomplish the best.

On the other hand, it is a field subjugated by males, although there are a lot of female programmers that have made their names.

If talking about the world’s best female programmers, then here we have arranged a list of some best female programmers:

Ada Lovelace

One of the best female programmers, Ada Lovelace. She was the first person to issue an algorithm planned to be agreed upon by the early contemporary computer, the best Analytical Engine formed by Charles Babbage.

As of this, Ada is starred as the first female computer programmer in the whole world. The world’s famous Ada Lovelace wrote the first procedure that was ever handled by a machine and was very talented female.

Ada has the honor of being the first female programmer in the world, but other female programmers aren’t far at the back. Once you come to the top five female programmers that not just created a position for themselves but even gave their familiarity to the computing field, we mention Ada Lovelace’s name at first.

Jade Raymond

Ever performed Assasin’s Creed? In case you have, you would be shocked to recognize that the Assassin’s Creed producer is a female programmer, and her name is Jade Raymond.

Currently, Jade is the Ubisoft Managing Director, which based in Toronto and also an originator of Electronic Arts’ Motive Studios as well as she is the founder of Ubisoft Toronto.

She is a very famous face in the world of programming language and has done her graduation level education from St. George’s School of Marianopolis College and Montreal. Jade is a Bachelor in Computer Science; and has started their career as a professional programmer for Sony. Jade Raymond began her work as The Sims Online producer.

Sara Haider

Sara Haider, one of the famous names in the field of programing language. Sara is presently doing work as a software engineer at famous social media platform, Twitter and is recognized for her programming skills—Sara Haider experts in the development of Android Application. Earlier than joining Twitter, worked with Google and PA Consulting Group for a short period. She was the sharp brains behind the 6-sec video service of Twitter, Vine. Social media platform Twitter has presently declared the shutdown of Vine.

Corrinne Yu

Now, we are going to discuss Corrinne Yu who is very popular as a game programmer.  Corrinne Yu joined California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, to complete her study in the field of electrical engineering earlier than starting her career as a specialized programmer. Her very first game as a female game programmer was for the series of King’s Quest for the Apple II, even though Yu had her 3D engine projects. You should know that she sold this to different companies.

Currently, Yu works as a principal engine architect with internal studio 343 of Microsoft Studio’s industries. She is recognized for her involvement in some popular games such as Zombie, Borderlands, Brothers in arms, and Unreal Engine 3. Her most famous work is their contribution to the smash-hit game of 2012, Halo 4. Corrinne Yu had even won a national honor in 2009.

Amanda Wixted

Amanda Wixted is the main reason you are habituated to iPhone games. Everyone has enjoyed the popular Farmville game, and she is the lady that has the lion’s share in the game’s development.

She is an expert programmer of computer games and originator of Meteor Grove Software. Once she completed her graduation from Arizona University in 2005, she took work as a game programmer for the SkillJam. At this place, she led a team of development professionals that created ten multiplayer mobile games and even worked on a double-player turn-based tactic game at SkillJam. You should know that Amanda has also worked with Instagram and Zynga.  At present, Amanda is doing work as a manager and consultant for some small companies and has started her company with the name of Turf geography club.

Tracy Chou

This name is the most excellent example about how good females are at the diverse needs of programming. With carrying the Bachelor’s degree in the subject of Electrical Engineering and also the Master’s Degree in the subject of Computer Science, Tracy Chou is definitely a big name in the entire world of programming. Tracy has a distinction to work with the best tech companies in the whole world. She also has some prior experience at Quora and Pinterest, and she did her internship at Rocket Fuel Inc., Facebook, and Google.

In February 2015, Chou signed on as the consultant for services of the United States Digital platform, a consortium about the technology practitioners looking to make the US government much efficient.

Edith Clarke

Edith Clarke was an electrical engineer. She also was the initial female professor about the electrical engineering at Texas University at Austin. Edith was born to a family with nine children and became orphaned when she was 12 and generally used her inheritance that could fund the education of college and also became a graduate in the subject of mathematics. She then taught at the private school before joining AT&T. At the time when Edith worked there, also easily managed to complete a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Columbia. Clarke then became the foremost woman to enroll and earn the degree of master in electrical engineering that was availed from the Massachusetts Technology Institute. Her most famous as well as the renowned contribution is Clarke calculator, which has helped to solve the equations that also involve the hyperbolic functions about ten times quicker than other devices of such a specific time. With the perseverance as well as with the hard work, Edith has followed her passion as well as she has also pursued a highly successful career in electrical engineering.

Kitty Gupta