After the acquisition of the WhatsApp through the giant social media, Facebook, there is a flurry of the updates as well as changes happening in most downloaded services and services of the used messenger. This has now become the landmark case for the many instant mobile apps used for messages that are mainly developed through the services of mobile app development all around the world.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has been well known for the purpose of developing diverse features same time quite much actively. It is the popular as well as the famous platform for instant messaging that has also been developing some the new as well as great features like dark mode, the latest system for- multi-platform and also some of the updated UI elements.

After the Integration of WhatsApp and Facebook has led to an introduction of other updated feature which is known as Facebook Story and also there was the other WhatsApp status feature as well as the call features. Different features of WhatsApp such as spontaneous group and their privacy settings, with the unlock feature of fingerprint and also the support of the in-app streaming for the trailer of Netflix.

The fact is that WhatsApp has above 300 million active users all around the world that use the chat app and the text every single day. On the other hand, this kind of number might also sound to be quite impressive for you, it also does not stop the WhatsApp from bringing some of the additional features to this app.

WhatsApp usually rolls out the feature in beta mode initially and then a much stable version of the feature. It is that chat app that is working on various new features as well as some of the features that are live in the latest and updated beta version of the app.

With the end of 2019 and the beginning of the New Year, below mentioned are some of the best features of WhatsApp that you must also look ahead in the year 2020.

Dark mode: The feature of the dark mode for WhatsApp is under the working for a much longer time also this is launching soon. The dark mode is actually ready but it also misses out on key and crucial elements such as the status updates cell, and also the profile cells that are available under option settings, storage, and contact list cells, as well as cells under the section of backup. Phone number, cells of Business details and even the About Us and the Contact info even seems to be inactive now. You may also expect the stable version for such a feature, for iOS as well as for the Android users, for launching New Year. This is almost one year WhatsApp is now working on the dark mode. Such kind of feature has made their own way to Gmail, YouTube, Twitter and also WhatsApp is expected to get such kind of in the year 2020. This kind of dark mode will also turn text to the background of white and black.

WhatsApp exclusive for iPad: The system of WhatsApp may be simply accessed on desktop, even on the Android and also on the iPhone and also the app lacks some kind of support for your iPad. This kind of chat app might not be used easily on the iPad. When you will download the app from the Play Store for your iPad, you will be able to download the exclusive iPhone version of the app. This problem might even end quite soon for users of iPad users like this kind of the chat app is perfectly working for the WhatsApp support mainly for your iPad. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing officially announced but the report has suggested that the company is now working on a feature and will also launch them very soon.

Notice for Blocked contact: WhatsApp is spotted for working on the other useful kind of the feature. It gives the users with simple and one-tap access that could also unlock contact which they got blocked. While the users have also enabled the feature of Providing Notice for Blocked Contact in apps, every single time they will block contact the app will also show the bubble in chat window which will provide you with the one-tap access for unblocking of contact. The chat app will also show the messages that are quite much similar message while the users wish to unblock the contact. Also, the feature is mainly underworking and it may also be expected to get launch in 2020.

Delete messages: The application of WhatsApp is even said to be properly working on the new feature of the Delete messages which will delete the messages automatically subsequent to the given time period. This feature will be accessible for private chats and also for the group chat. It appears completely but definitely, you’ll find Dark Mode, along with the brand new feature which will certainly expose the fake contacts of “catfish” trying to deceive.

Facebook Pay: In spite of the fact that Facebook has not yet confirmed that when does precisely the payment option would be simply available across their different kind of app, it might also release the WhatsApp in the year 2020. The system of Facebook Pay is mainly the part of the ongoing work of the company to make the business to be much more convenient, it is secure as well as accessible for people on this app.

Face Unlock: Subsequent to the launch of a system for fingerprint authentication in the year 2019, the app is owned by Facebook and this app is working perfectly fine to bring the face to unlock for the system of WhatsApp in the year 2020. This feature work in a similar way just like face unlocks the smartphone.

Last seen: Such kind of feature will permit the WhatsApp users to simply select the choice of contacts that may also see the option of Last seen on the WhatsApp.

These features were earlier been spotted in different beta versions of iOS as well as Android apps.

Kitty Gupta