The beauty and awesomeness of Linux mainly lie in a plethora of available options to users. Though few of the people call it as fragmentation of Linux distro, this is known as the strength of Linux. It permits users for selecting the Linux distro that is most suitable for the needs and also learns some of the new things. The same kind of choice and option allows finding the beginner-friendly Linux distro along with the gaming distro etc. Now a day, Linux Mint offers a quite tough and rigid competition to Ubuntu since this is quite beginner-friendly. However what about different kinds of options available for the new Linux users? Now let us find this out!

Let’s face the fact; Linux might also just pose the most overwhelming set of complexity to new users. On the other hand, it is not Linux which provides you such type of complexity. Rather, it is the “latest” factor that may even cause. Not getting nostalgic, though remembering about Linux, it is usually being preferred though even it was an upstream swim at the initial level.

Key Linux Distros for the Beginners

You need to remember that such kind of list is no specific order. The key criteria to compile this kind of the list is of great ease for installation, out from the box and the hardware-software, comfort of use as well as availability of the various available software packages.

1. Ubuntu

When you have researched Linux on the internet, this is highly possible that you should come across the software Ubuntu. Ubuntu is also leading distributions of Linux. It is even a perfect path for starting the journey of Linux.

Ubuntu was usually tagged as Linux for human beings. However, it is mainly because of the reason that Ubuntu has put much effort into universal usability. Moreover, Ubuntu never requires you to get technically sound for using the software. It helps to simply break the notion of the hassle of Linux=Command line. It is certainly one of the key plus points which have rocketed Ubuntu from where it is today.

Why you should Choose Ubuntu?

–        A huge and vast community of Ubuntu

–    Various free software in the Software Center

–    Various flavors that perfectly suits your requirements

–    It is mainly compatible with different hardware

Ubuntu provides you much convenient procedure of installation. The installer usually speaks simple English (or any of the key or the main language that you want). You may also try Ubuntu prior that you actually go through the procedure of installation. The installer will be able to offer simple options:

  • Install Ubuntu to remove the old version of OS
  • Install the Ubuntu along with the Windows or other thrilling OS (that is an option given at each startup for choosing the OS to boot).
  • Configuring the partitions for the users that clearly know what are they actually doing.

Tips for the Beginner: you may choose the other available option when you are not confirming what you need to do.

The user interface of Ubuntu is mainly known as GNOME. This is as simple and also quite much productive as it becomes. You may be simply able to search anything from the applications to files through pressing the key of Windows. Is there available any other way through which you can make it much simple?

There are not any kinds of driver installation issues when the Ubuntu comes with the detector of hardware that simply is able to detect, download as well as installs the optimal drivers for the system or for the PC. At the same time, the installation also comes with basic software such as the music player, office suite, video player as well as the games for some kind of killing of the time.

At the same time, Ubuntu also has wonderful documentation support along with the support of the community. Ubuntu forums, as well as Ask Ubuntu, offer you with appreciable support of the quality in usually various different aspects about Ubuntu. This is highly probable that question that you may have already got answered. You may also check as well as you may also be able to download Ubuntu from the official site.

2. Linux Mint Cinnamon

For the last some of the years, Linux Mint is usually the number one distribution of Linux on Distrowatch. There is no doubt to say that the Linux mint is known to be the much personal favorites. This is quite elegant, graceful as well as it also offers a much more superior experience for computing and that is completely out of the box.

The features of the Linux Mint are the environment of Cinnamon desktop. The new users of Linux are still in a process to familiarize them with the help of the Linux software certainly will find Cinnamon to be much more useful. All software is much more accessibly grouped under different kinds of categories. Even though this is nothing to be a feature that is quite much mind-blowing, to the new users that do not actually know the names of the Linux software, it is a great bonus.

No doubt that Linux Mint is fast and it also runs fine on the older computer. Moreover, the Linux Mint is also built upon the rock-solid base of Ubuntu. It generally uses a similar kind of software repository such as Ubuntu. It clearly means that the users will not need to simply deal with the much-unexpected crashes as well as the glitches which are the new software usually are prone to that, which can be a real no-no mainly for the new users for the Linux.

Why Should I Choose Linux Mint?

– Great and wonderful community

– Perfect experience of desktop

– Plugins codes that are out of box

– Complete access for the Ubuntu repo software

– An awesome option of cinnamon desktop

Now a day, Linux Mint offers a quite tough and rigid competition to Ubuntu since this is quite beginner-friendly.

Kitty Gupta