Google index is like an index of alphabetical order. It is one of the databases that contain all information in the presence of web. Google is like a library including trillions of books with many chapters (specific site of the web page). The search engine resultsthe web page which is an index page where you can find all information and one can look for it by simply typing in a phrase or a keyword into Google.

Indexing is the term of SEO which refers to keep a recording process on a web page and then it is added to Google’s search result. All information gathered by Google is bought from the crawling which is processed and included in searchable Google index when it’s considered as a high quality of content.

When the Google bot comes in a specific website, it begins to do crawling on basis of an index and no index Meta tags. It also includes a web page with index Meta tags in a specific Google search engine. The freelance jobs online also provides the best way via which you can make and appear on a web page in different search engine.

Get Google to index your site:

Google Crawl the net on a daily basis by visiting each and every web page and indexing or re-indexing it. However, if you have freelance jobs online on anew website which is made or designed major changes to an existing one, then it can take some weeks. First, you have to create a Google account (if you have already got Gmail account, then that will be fine). There are four options as you can pursue.

Option 1: Submit URL to Google

Google has recently added URL in a webmaster tool. Now the Google has added URL submission tool under the Google webmaster tool. Unlike the link of public URL submission, you can try to fetch in any link by using Google robot. If it gives success, then you submit it and add web index. As Google has announced an official post, Google will index pages submitted through webmaster tool will index the pages within one day. This is the amazing news for people, who have started a new website and facing many issues with indexing. Even though, Google has a set of limitation for the submission of URL, you can submit URL for indexing and you have two more options:

  • Index an individual article.
  • Index an individual article with all linked web pages.

Google has a set of limitation for fifty individual URL submissions per month and ten linked URL submissions per month. Login your website dashboard under the Google webmaster tool. Here are given some following instructions:

  • Login to your Gmail account
  • Visit the https://www/
  • Copy and paste of your web address (URL).
  • Tick I am not a robot.
  • Again press the submit button.
  • Normally, Google will be indexing a new page within one hour.
  • Above mentioned steps are very simple and you require submitting URL at the time, which workswell unless you have a small site that would take a while.

Option 2: Fetch a Google

It allowsyou to ask Google a page thathas re-index option and each page is linked from that page for a considerably faster operation. It means Google will recrawl the pages and refresh the caches found in them. Whereas option one is only used to submit pages that are not already in Google cache. In order to fetch more results from Google, you have to create an account of webmaster tool, which let you do all things by using webmaster tool.

  • Login your account of webmaster tool at Click this link as you need to re-index.
  • Click a Crawl menu on the left side and then click Fetch as Google.
  • Either you have to press Fetch to re-index the home page or each page linked to from that page or enters the URL of your internal page, then press the Fetch.
  • Your URL will be appearing under the form of original and then press Submit the index.
  • Tick I’m not a robot and Crawl this URL and it directs you to a link. Again press Go.
  • If you are successful in submitting the URL, then you will be seeing a message saying that URL and linked pages are submitted to the index. Normally, Google will be re-indexing all pages within 12 to 36 hours.

Option 3: Submit sitemap to Google

A sitemap is the list of all web pages on your site and most of the major CMS systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have modules that are created it easily. If you have got a large site, then freelance web developer is highly recommended to create a sitemap and submit to Google.

Option 4: Build quality of links to your web page

Option from one to three is regarding index a web page (get to include in Google search results). There is a small difference to be optimizing a web page (get a rank well and appearing high in Google’s search result). If you have to arrive on your web page, then you will see rank well in Google.

Google understand that your site is an originator of content:

You’ve had ever other sites scraping content and outrank you?  This happens when your website pulls out of your content from RSS feed and gets crawled by the Google bot sooner rather than your website. If another website is more frequent at a rate of Crawl or high domain authority, then they would like to consider as you are the originator of your content. Utilizing a Fetch as Google tool helps to combat their scrapers, who have outranking you with your content.


Adding Fetch as Google tool to your marketing tricks, freelance web developer helps to put a new content in front of the Google searches much faster. Also including this step is on your checklist when you can create content and make sure habit of implementing them to get found short time period. Every time you will publish on your web page and post the blog, then it is a right way to be fetched as Google. You have to feel free to your site return back and watched desired Google’s search engine result quickly appear.

Kitty Gupta