Magento was first introduced in the year of 2008. It is one of the most powerful eCommerce systems available in the today’s world. If you are looking to create an own eCommerce site, then you may have come across the Magento. Currently, there are two Magento products: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Apart from that fact, one edition is free while another one is not free so you may not make what difference is between two editions and which one edition is right for you. Then you can hire to post freelance jobs free for creating a simple and beautiful comparison chart, which will show Community and Enterprise editions are functionally similar. Some businesses might find community version rather than a premium edition. The truth is that both editions are beneficial and its effectiveness depends on the user needs.

Community Edition:

A Community edition offers for free and it’s created as open source software. Anyone can download community edition without having any payment. In addition to this, users are free for making some changes with it to meet their needs. Many users have been taken an advantage of this feature that provides free edition throughout the world. In fact, you have already developed extension and adopted another customization technique. Small business is one of the most benefits of this free edition. They can use a basic feature and taken as a part in development via the site forums. Many tricks and tips have discovered to make a community edition more powerful. With the community edition, a small company can enjoy the start of the art platform for free. This free edition can download at any time via the discussion forum.

Enterprise Edition:

There are several community edition users that may not enough think about this platform. Some users want an advance additional feature while other users are looking for customized option that cannot provide a free version. A Magento Enterprise has created an address to this concern. Actually, this platform is shared on the same basis for a free version, but it adds more functions to be accommodated as the user needs with the requirements of a different business. Moreover, a premium version is completely backed by the team of Magento. Enterprise edition takes many businesses to the high level of eCommerce. It offers by subscription and it comes with service level agreement. The subscriber gets full support from the Magento team that they can be accessed through email or phone. A subscription comes with the additional special features and enhancement of exclusive product of post freelance jobs free. Enterprise edition plan starts at 14420 dollars as per annual including security updates.

Key difference between EE and EC:

  • Performance: Many eCommerce platform users cannot know that the free edition is faster than other software available at present. The features are already meeting their basic business needs. Moreover, businesses need more modules that want to be purchased as a paid version. Some enterprise feature may be built by an adding extension to existing free version. Although it is true and it is also not highly recommended. This performance is much better with their paid edition.
  • Functionality: It is undeniable facts for both free edition and enterprise edition also have the same core. Paid version is offered more advanced features. These features are including minimum advertised price, promotion and price permission, content management and enhanced catalog system, post freelance websites, customer segmentation with targeted offer, authorization of return management, staged merging and content rollback and call center software with the help of shopping.
  • Security: Community edition does not have any credit card tokenization or secured payment bridges. These features require the Credit Card Company and banks. Magento premium edition is more powerful security feature rather than community version. It includes PA-DSS pay meet bridge to meet their safety standard in your industry.
  • Cost: Community edition is free in which perhaps a strong feature of this version. Anyone makes a free modification to the software and keep it with the system requirements. Magento paid edition is offered more advanced features. In spite of you need to pay a subscription fee and selecting for paid version, which means you have to invest and get fast return the money. Moreover, many users can take this advantage of multiyear payment and multi-server options.
  • Getting right edition: Both free version and enterprise version are more valuable in the eCommerce platform for the operation of business. Choosing the right one that two editions are a bit difficult. It is very important to consider some factors such as performance, cost, functionality and security. The free is obviously most practical choice for you. Moreover, businesses are planning to take some operations to go for the next level, which should invest in a premium platform like Magento enterprise edition. Choosing the best software provides desired features that are needed to grow up of your business. It is a crucial factor to take the future plans and business needs into your account. Many business owners have determined in which the edition is the best suit for you.
  • Bottom line: Careful planning and assessment are the essential points that are needed to pick right software. Remember that the Magento enterprise edition cost is considerably some amount of money. The Magento team has declared that there is no current plan for adding Magento enterprise edition in advanced feature to the free version that means a smart decision required. However, it is an important part to note that version has everything to use all business needs. But the free version offers only basic features, which is available for only businesses. Either both versions are contributed to the business success.


Magento community is a good beginning point that does not require any big investment right of their bat. By picking Magento community, you will generally spend less rather than annual fee of Magento enterprise. It provides that you have to find the right company, who know how to configure Magento for your product, freelance websites and different style to design for matching your brand.  Many companies have a large volume of online sales but do not have any experience and reliable Magento company to work with it. Choosing the best Magento enterprise comes with a full support from the Magento team in which one edition is a right way to go for it.