In the year of 2016, design trend was a quite hectic when it became to some amount of rising trends in app design. The digital landscape is unpredictable, but many mobile applications are growing at the staggering rate. The post freelance projects designer is looking for a great way to find out of your future what the future will in store for it. In this way, they will be at least 2 steps ahead of the competition. Here are given that the top most popular trends are bound to dominate 2017.

Top 10 most popular trends:

  1. Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality focus:

It is highly probably that came back in the year of 2012. Carmack and Lucky were launched at the Rift campaign that they did not envision virtual reality to become widespread. It did not reach out consoles and PC’s, but it is shifted into your mobile. As same as augmented reality, Nintendo did not probably expect Pokémon go to achieve success. It was not able to be predicted and influenced by the other developers to go for augmented reality as well. Although you are an initial stage of exploring this technology and seems like the 2017 year is going for both AR and VR manage to pay attention of wider mass. This phenomenon is creating a new multitude opportunity for product freelance designer, who is looking to upgrade as they have to use it nowadays.

  1. UX over UI:

Developer Adham Dannaway says 2017 will be the year in which UI may overlook in the favor of UX. Aesthetics are secondary regarding seeing UI pattern library that becomes a norm to make a usable, consistent and more practical. Dannaway claims to a great advocate for user experience. However, he can express to concern about the digital products, which could lose a character in the process.

  1. Simplicity and comfort:

Twitter and Amazon show you have gone quite so far in terms of UI and UX. Still, there is needed for comfortable and simple design and usability. According to the Envato, you have a great experience to push towards the minimalism on web and mobile interface. Since the user intention and clarity are an essence for a great user experience. For a designer, it means they cannot have any master customized text effect, detailed icon or repeat texture for creating a simple interface. With the freelance designer, they are able to make an outstanding interface user, which will gladly interact with it.

  1. Cross platform design:

Microsoft may fail with its mobile OS, but it brings fresh and some innovative things. Other manufacturers already have those things and will surely to make and implement it. The rumors have it that Samsung mobile will implement a new version on its own continuum into a single of the upcoming device. If you have not to see it yet, an idea is behind that the continuum used from one device like computer and phone. You can place your phone in a continuum dock, which is connected to the TV or monitor, keyboard, and mouse and used as a computer. On order to this work well on they have need apps, which will properly scale like with the responsive web design. At the moment of bit stagnant, Microsoft is pushed towards the UWP development (Universal Windows Platform) app that is same for Xbox, phones, and desktops.

  1. Material design:

It is not one of the latest trends in the global market. A material design was introduced with the Google android KitKat back in the year of 2013. It will continue to have prevailed as a choice of design because it is very simple and lightness. It is not a simple fact anymore and more users have described it to quite appealing and stayed strong as well as increased influence in 2017.

  1. Calm colors:

There is a whole science that behinds color. In 2017, you will look at the continuation of calm, gradients and pastel ones prevailing in this app design. The desktop was a green hill because green has calming and resting effect on your eyes. Since 45 percent of your eye cell type is for only perceiving green color.

  1. Hamburger may be eaten:

Hamburger is a menu and aware of all facts that do not work well. Moreover, there is a lack of a good solution until now you have a simple stuck with it. Fortunately, 2017 is to be the year when you finally say goodbye. Hamburger menu is not simple function and they are really looking towards forward to a responsive web app and design to catch up. At the end of a year, you are hoping to look it replacing with priority plus menu, tab bars and other attractive navigation forms.

  1. Wearable in focus:

The predictions will that by the year of 2019, more than two hundred million wearable devices will sell with reaching mobile screen size over six inches. The post freelance projects developers have to go for small and adapt apps to the tiny screen of a wearable device. Internet things have been hot industry topic and a number of connected devices are constantly rising. Many of them who are already invest more time in programming device in which it communicates throughout the physical world. IOT has contributed to a great change when it comes to fitness, health and music apps. You are bound to look it and spreader to another domain as well 2017 year.

  1. Content in focus:

Google AMP project and the Facebook instant article say that they are mainly focused on shifting from UI to UX about the content display. Both Facebook and Google took a notice of this problem and look two different approaches that are achieved as the same thing. But surely, immediate and content values are going to become a core of everything you do.

  1. Uniformed gestures:

A uniformed gesture is a great way of performing navigation or action via pages. For that reason, gestures do not have present rather than there is a lack of uniformity. This problem is that the 2 finger swipe in a single app can do something and completely different in other ones.


In 2017 and beyond a year may be the same time when you can see a forming of uniformity in the implementation of gesture like with the laptop touch pads, design trends are shared to your experience with your family or friends and helps to extend it.



Kitty Gupta