Although, there are many websites and blogs dedicated for search engine optimization,the best way to learn the depth in knowledge about SEO is to find the experts written books (SEO books), which can explain the intricacy of search engine optimization’s tactics and strategies. There are many interesting SEO books,which now come in paperback, hardover, Kindle unlimited (free subscription), audio format, PDF, and Kindle formats. After experiencing a tremendous SEO growth for the last five years, eBook sales were down 20 percent in the first half of 2016, while the analog books were up to 4 percent. Learn how to operate and organize a search engine optimization team through an insightful and bright edge free eBook that is based on the SEO management and succinct four steps of SEO methodology for generating returns and results on how to maximizethe search engine optimization ROI. However, you have to read the best SEO books for gaining more information. Here are three top SEO books,whichbest suit all groups from beginners to Freelance SEO Experts,who all are looking forward to improve their SEO techniques and results.

Top 3 SEO books in 2017:

  1. SEO for growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers and Entrepreneurs: The author of this book is John Jantsch and Phil Singeltyon and the price is $14.95. The title of this book is suggested by the three major stakeholders of the site besides search engine optimization: marketers, designers and executives. These are aligned in a better way yielding more benefits. The highlight of the title is regarding the development as well as the rounded marketing strategy. It is regarding gettimg better Google ranking for your site.

The author describes, how a website has been evolved from the digital brochure to a platform, but how lots of web design industry treated web design as a development and creative exercise. Search engine optimization and other leading generations are not included in this process. SEO for growth book is great for all business owners and it gives them to see under the hood without getting anything more technical. It will show on how to get much out effort for your website.

Written in an approachable and easy style, this guide on search engine optimization allows any three personas and its address take a valuable journey via industry facts. Then resources come under the conclusion that they should take an action on SEO. The lead generation of SEO is a long term strategy that requires up front work, but you can pay off with their sustainable gains.

According to this book authors, you will learn on how to create and repurpose content and plan an editorial calendar, using various social media channels to generate engagement with your content, manage, and build your online reputation, handle negative reviews, using pay per click advertising at a cost of effective way for getting biggest bang for your buck, conduct research of keyword to optimize your site and all contents, do quality link building without resorting to a shady practice. Google has now penalized and built revenue generating site that will help your company growmore powerful.

The Freelance SEO Experts gave an excellent book for beginners and people who are outside SEO field with an experience that is more or less equal to atleast one year or more.

  1. SEO Like I’m 5: The ultimate beginners guide to search engine optimization: The author of this book is Matthew Capala and price of this book is $26.95. Matthew Capala has worked in the digital marketing for few decades having some experience under the big brand names such as Apple, Prudential, and Smirnoff. He teaches at the NYU while helps all size of businesses on understanding how the internet can be used for tremendous growth. In addition to the appealing and catchy title, there are many interesting aspects in this book:
  • It is self-published book that is unique all throughout the world of technical education book.
  • It is more colorful as five years old would like it.
  • The self-published book has a manuscript layout and feels for both annoying and endearing.

This book has been written for the beginners and remains truly for that purpose only. It mainly focuses on providing a high quality and actionable information for new beginners of SEO to the world, who may not be familiar with the recent and latest marketing terms.

He has organized that book into what he can call the 5C of search engine optimization: code, content, cash, connection, and credibility which arecollectively making a good structure. It is true to his teaching roots, capala information tons of sites and resources likea helping kind for the reader to do SEO. Additionally, cartoon image and colorful screen shot, Capala is used for an extensive analogy to make some points but they will become a jumble. You can compare to each Cs to the well-organized football team. Content marketing is very similar to the baking cake for a party. Golden Nugget Keywords and The Wild West Era of SEO on the internet information are passed through a grapevine.

The self-published layout and non-standardized graphic are distracting and making hard to skim and reread this book. Capala should be spent less by the hire freelancers online developers, designers and gets professional layout as well as typesetting support specifically at the point of price. But the content is useful evenfor a beginner,who likes lots of playfulness and storytelling in their SEO.

  1. SEO 2017: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies: The author of this book is Adam Clarke and price of this book is $9.99. Adam Clarke has certified by the Google as a search engine optimization and internet marketing professionals. He has spent past decade consulting with different brands and building sites that regularly reach out a number of slots on Google.

This book is highly recommended both for those who are new to search engine optimization and more experienced marketers are looking to learn something about the Google’s latest algorithm update. Adam Clarke breaks down a clear strategy for their optimized content without any trigger penalties. He easily used scalable techniques of all size of business that explain sophisticated SEO topic without resorting to the industry jargon. Some important topics are keyword research, link building, and web analytics.


Learning always remains updated in the field of SEO and the online marketing requires regular studying and reading. The interested beginners for hire freelancers online are brushing up on the skills that one should consider investing few SEO books to gain an overview of topic and excellent resource for moving forward.

Kitty Gupta