Computer programming is an art, craft, and science of writing program, which defines on how to computer operate. Here are given top 12 books that will teach you on how to write a program by using GO programming language. Go is a general-purpose programming language with an advanced feature and clean syntax. Because of Go programming language is available on a wide variety of platforms, robust well documented common library and mainly focused on a good software engineering principle. Go is an ideal programming language to learn your 1st programming language.

The process of writing software is mostly used for GO programming language that is straightforward such as gather requirements, find a solution, write a source code to be implemented their solution, compile source code into executable, test and rest of Go program to make it works. These processes are an iterative and methods are usually overlapped so you will find freelancers for giving more guidelines about the GO programming language.

Go programming language is very strong and static type, which is provided in-built support for the collection of garbage and supported concurrent programming. Go program is constructed by using package for an efficient management of dependency. Go programming is implemented by using a traditional link and compile model to be generated as an executable binary.

Top 12 GO programming books:

  1. An introduction to programming in GO: The author of this book is Caleb Doxsey. This book is mainly designed to very short and concise introduction part to the programming language of GO. It is covered all core features and its starting point is very good for gaining few familiarities with GO.
  2. Build web application with GOLANG: The author of this book is Asta Xie. This book is one of the open source books that take you via developing steps of a web application in that programming language. The 1st twelve chapters of this book are teaching only specific component about the GO programming language and web application likes how to write a program for web service, handle security and encryption method in GO. Finally, the last two chapters like that the author takes an individual piece of knowledge early in this book and all pieces are together by showing on how to develop and build a basic web framework.
  3. Building web apps with GO: Jeremy Saenz is the author of this book. It takes you via building methods for your 1st web application with their programming language of GO. It is broken up into twelve chapters and covered URL routing, HTTP/net package, middleware, deployment, controllers, testing, databases, and rendering. It is required for you that have some basic familiarity with the GO programming language. The author of this book is suggested that completing an official GO freelance work as a pre-requisite to building web apps with GO book.
  4. Effective GO: An effective GO book give amazing tips for writing a GO program clearly and idiomatic GO code. It is augmented as a specification of GO programming language, Tour of GO as well as how to write the GO code. These are all first you should read.
  5. GO boot camp: The author of this book is Matt Aimonetti. This book is split into twelve chapters and covered all basics of GO programming language. It is covered everything much pretty you want to get this book and started with the GO programming language.
  6. GO by example: Mark Mc Granaghan is the author of this book. It teaches basic of GO programming language via annotated and example programs. Most of the GO programs contain an enough code to teach you that is a particular lesson. An annotation is aligned with the lines of code that they are explaining and making very easy to be followed along with it.
  7. Learning GO: A learning GO book is written for those people, who are already having some basic experience with the GO programming language. This book is divided into eight chapters that are covered basics, packages, networking, concurrency, interfaces and functions. Exercise is included at the end of every chapter so you can get this book with more practices to write a GO program.
  8. Let’s learn GO: This book was written with a novice programmer to keep in your mind. That means let’s learn GO book is very easy to understand from introduction part until to GO programming language.
  9. Network programming with GO: The author of this book is Jan Newmarch. This book is teaching you on how to build network app with the GO programming language. Network programming with GO book is divided into fifteen chapters, which is covered all topics such as socket level programming, web sockets, security, data serialization and much more.
  10. Practical cryptography with GO: The author of this book is Kyle Isom. This book is divided into five chapters, which is covered all topics like platform security, engineering concern, secure channel, digital signature, key exchange and asymmetric security.
  11. A tour of GO: This book is an official introduction part of freelance work to the GO programming language. It is guided you via modular series that is covered some basics of GO programming language. It is also allowed you to be modified and directly run the code in your browser. A tour of GO book is probably the best beginning point for anyone people so you can dip their toe into the Go programming language.
  12. The little GO book: The author of this book is Karl Seguin. This book is one of the best introduction parts in the GO programming language. If you are a GO programmer or find freelancers for GO programmer, who may not be comfortable with the static typing or pointers, then it is a very good book for you as well as beginners to read.


Above mentioned books are given you for getting a new idea on how to use GO standard library. There are many different examples that will teach you about how to write a GO concurrent program, use routine, build command line application, deploy and create your small packages that will GO getable. Make sure you have to write a GO code as soon as possible while you have to learn and make it more comfortable with the GO programming language.