Student life is so much of awesome, but can hard at the same time. A good thing is that students have to do many amazing activities, which is surrounded by a new best friend forever and interesting person in general. There is basically no parental control as well as no control whatsoever. On the other hand, a bad thing is that need to be maintaining your studies and how to manage and get a decent grade. You are the person who takes charge of that. Your life in a high-tech era, but why cannot be turned into many different software programs that are very easy process of your study as well as freelance jobs online. Here is top software for your computer that will make your life easy and optimized your process of studying.

Best free software for students:

  1. Libre office (Linux, Mac, and Windows): Microsoft office home and student with their powerpoint excel, word, one drive and one note that are going for 139.99 dollars to download on your computer. That is more than one year worth of the Netflix subscriptions. Instead of that, a libre office is used for free download, but you are restricted to use it on your computer. It includes an alternative solution to all Microsoft office applications plus you can able to draw a 3D illustration and creating an own mathematical equation.
  2. GIMP (Linux, Mac and Windows): You can do lots with the Adobe Photoshop CC software, but it comes at the cost of $19.99 as per month as well as $240 as per year. GIMP is one of the free software that is longer popular as a substitute for Adobe Photoshop with a good reason. You have enhanced, retouched and added to your photo in the same way so you can free download on the Photoshop.
  3. Light works: A video project is not going to edit it. Adobe premiere pro CC is going for $19.99 as per month and final cut pro of $299.99. The light works are completely free software to download it for only students. Along with all usual features are audio manipulation, adding transitions and file type conversion. This software is used to share their edits in a real time manner for a group of work. Photos are edited with the light works software.
  4. Audacity (Linux, Mac and Windows): Audacity is a cross-platform and open source software that music and media majors (really anyone person with their interest in a sound editing) are used for the purpose of editing audio files. Though the Audacity, you are recorded live audio, edit sound files, convert tape and record and much more. Your next audition tape is simply blown on them.
  5. Google Nik collection (Mac and Windows): The Google Nik collection is having seven different features, but features are equally more powerful desktop plugin built to be matched a professional level of editing software. Analog Efex Pro is allowed to test out of analog or vintage effect san actual vintage equipment. Color Efex Pro is provided tons of color filter while the silver efex pro is mainly focused on the black and white and grayscale. Both Dfine sub and Viveza are one of the simplified selection tools without having any hassle of added masks or layers. Sharpener Pro and HDR Efex Pro is allowed to create a control point and selectively edited photo to create a high quality of images even if you are lacking on the Photoshop chops. Nik is not a bad deal so you can learn curve with a new interface and tool, but this software is going at the rate of $0.00.
  6. Prezi (Mac and Windows): You are very tired of using plain slides or power point. Just you can create a free account for Prezi software and then create it your presentations. It includes brainstorming diagram, motion, text, photos and videos you want. Prezi software is easy to use interface so you can choose from ninety-two distinctive templates that are designed by the professional freelance web developer. You can also create a Prezi from the scratch. Chess board, family tree, world map and newspaper are one of the few design options in Prezi. It is cloud-based software so you can begin with the creation of your own presentation in your room and moved into a library and then it finished into your classroom. Prezi software is an auto syncs your work across all devices including android phones, iOS and iPads.
  7. Kee Pass Password Safe (Linux, Windows and Mac): For students, you have to keep a track of overwhelming many passwords just remember that iPhone unlock pattern is enough too hard. Enter the free software is an open source of Kee Pass Password Safe. This software is downloaded to manage your all passwords by putting some of them into the single database that you may unlock with a single master password.
  8. Dream Spark (Windows): For all students’ freelance web developer, Microsoft brings free Dream Spark program software. All students have to do that is verifying your status and downloading a new software tool like Xamarin, Git Hub education and Visual studio community. These are enabling for you to design and develop apps for iOS, Windows and Android devices.
  9. Spotify Student (Linux, Windows and Mac): You will create an account, which is completely free for all students. It is very easy to upgrade to be added free premium experienced with Spotify student. Then it is allowed to anyone student with the valid .edu e-mail address to access a Spotify premium for 4.99 dollars. The Spotify premium family has recently matched with the Apple music family plan rate that offers premium access to 14.99 dollars as per month and supporting up to 6 accounts. That means the best deal grabs 5 of your floor mate to split up into unlimited access for a large pizza cost.


Student life is one of the best times of your life so you can have an enough freedom, but not too much of responsibilities. Use the above mention listed software as your personal life hack is to make your life easier as student effortless, freelance jobs online and smooth.