PHP is the most popular server side scripting language and its demand is evident. The world top website likes Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia that are running on the PHP script language in the back end. PHP can be developed a dynamic website and be server side of scripting language. It sends all information to your server whenever a form is submitted. Before the given list is the top PHP books, which is used for learning all beginners. The freelance websites are going to give an only general overview of the PHP language.

Define PHP?

PHP was introduced by the Rasmus Lerdorf. It is a server side scripting language and open source platform that is easy to learn and runs on the different operating system such as Linux, Unix, Windows and much more. PHP is supported by the multiple databases such as Oracle, MS Access, and MYSQL.  It does not connect in the form of data, but also create, write, read, delete and close the file on the server side.

PHP is very easy to embed in the process of HTML with tags like that <?php?>

For example:


<title>Getting Started With PHP</title>



echo”Your first PHP code”;




The code of PHP is executed on the server side and sent back to the client side that is your browser. It is used to create a dynamic web page, collect all forms of data and sent to or receive cookies.

Top five PHP programming books in 2017:

Learning PHP program or develop PHP application is not an easy task. You need to work in such a way from bottom to make that happen. You can hire freelancers online that give overall practice PHP book for beginners. Let’s go to see the top PHP books, which are given to learn for beginners.

  1. The Joy of PHP Programming: A Beginner’s Guide: The author of this book is Alan Forbes. This book starts with basic HTML process so the beginners can catch very fast. Then it goes each and every step on how to PHP actually work. You can start with an easy stuff such as how to create PHP code and runs on a simple PHP script to be modified your web pages. Then it can build on whatever you have to learn via a series of fun and close knit exercises. The joy of PHP programming book is only to give a complete solution of the learning process, but also take for you to know someone who provides to you for the sheer pride on a developing dynamic site. After complete this book, you can write, read and modified PHP script. These are able to make an own dynamic website.
  2. PHP and MYSQL Novice to Ninja: The author of this book is Kevin Yank. This book will not be turned into Ninja, but really do to give solid ground for both MYSQL and PHP in an easy way and readable manner. The content is really great so you would expect them. Analysis of MYSQL is reaching so far rather than PHP. You can get and do coverage of some useful and essential element of PHP like a regular session or expression of management. There is an amazing chapter on the structured programming. This book is really good for beginners, because of freelance websites are well written, engaged and covered all basics of MYSQL and PHP pretty well.
  3. Head First PHP and MYSQL: Lynn Beighley and Michael Morrison is the author of this book. It is an excellent way of learning PHP guide to build your database and dynamic driven website. For example: Encompassing real world is teaching you that must-haves of the server side programming. PHP and MYSQL coding start from fundamental to the advanced topics such as database queries, cookies, content management, file input and output operations, validation and so on everything is covered in this book. A rich format is turned into Head First series book because this book is one of the best sellers and good content deals with exercise, quiz and other bilateral benefits that help you onto their content. You will also build many sophisticated examples, which help to learn on how to harness the power of MYSQL and PHP in many different contexts.
  4. Learning PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and MYSQL: Step by step guide to creating dynamic websites: The author of this book is Robin Nixon. It will useful for you because it is easy to learn on how to build data driven and interactive website. For beginners, this book is the 2nd edition of the top selling PHP guide to the web development. It has more benefits for the reader review on the 1st edition and makes it latest edition even easy to follow and get more information packed than ever. In this book, you will have to learn with their review questions end up of each chapter. Ensured you are retaining everything so you can learn and even to build a sample of social networking platform with the introduced element in this book.
  5. PHP and MYSQL web development: Luke Welling and Laura Thompson is the author of this book. It is well trained you on how to use all tools to produce an interactive and effective web application. This book is precisely illustrated on the basic of PHP language and explained on how to set up of MYSQL database. Also, it is demonstrated on how to interact PHP with the database. A practical hand on this book is included an enormous number of examples that are demonstrated on the common tasks like generating PDF document, dynamically images, authenticating users, managing and sending e-mails, facilitating user discussion, connected to webs service by using XML as well as developing web 2.0 applications with the Ajax-based interactivity.


Above mentioned books are more useful for beginners, who are willing, to begin with, the developing website by using PHP and MYSQL. You cannot be expected to become an expert of PHP by reading those given books. Nevertheless, you can get a clear way of understanding on how to carry PHP script language on the server side as well as how to integrate the MYSQL databases with it. You can hire PHP experts online that give PHP books, who are having those books to read more fun and good luck for you.

Kitty Gupta