JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in web and go ahead of popular ones such as Python, Ruby and Pearl. It is an essential skill for the web developers and even true Java developers. If you can have a JavaScript in any profile, you will receive many JavaScript job opportunities. Everybody wants the polyglots and programmers, who know different programming language because most real projects are developing with the multiple technologies. You will find some components to write Java while others C++ and then you have Server, Jquery, JavaScript and JSP for the web pages. JavaScript is so important to learn it in the today competitive world. The JavaScript book contains basic information without any focusing on the important concepts that are required to develop a new modern website.

Top 4 JavaScript books to learn for beginners:

Here are given list contains JavaScript books for beginners. For example, Head First JavaScript is a good book to begin with JavaScript. The good part of JavaScript is excellent books that have to read some knowledge of JavaScript under your belt. The best way of learning JavaScript is chosen from one book and read well before you can move into advanced JavaScript book. Head First JavaScript is reading out from the 1st page until the last page, do all exercises, build your own projects and you have done all those and then read it more advanced JavaScript book. Another book is a secret of the JavaScript Ninja that book is also best to book to learn for beginners. The freelance websites are the right way to learn an advanced JavaScript concept better and quicker.

Head First JavaScript: A head first JavaScript book has to learn and read well. It contains head first Java, head first pattern; head first SQL, head first jQuery and much more. This is another way of a gem from the series of head first that teaches JavaScript for you in the style of head first. That is a lot of interactive exercises and reading this book. Head First JavaScript book is one of the excellent books for beginners, who want to learn JavaScript and read for any beginner. You will be learning as all fundamental JavaScript concepts very quickly. For example: how to write the JavaScript code and run it as well as test those, functions and data types. It is explained all key concepts such as handling events, developing interactive, DOM structure and cross browser freelance websites by using JavaScript. In a short way, this book is the best forever JavaScript developer should read and read on the multiple times. It is more fun to read the Head First Series book.

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja: You may have to hear the name of John Resign if you don’t know, then let us remind that he is an author of jQuery. It is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks and really helped to become a JavaScript programmer for the web development of the JavaScript programming language. The secrets of the JavaScript Ninja in the first edition by the Bear Bibeault and John Resig is not only for beginners, but also developers who familiar with the JavaScript. It is a brilliant book that is clearly explained why JavaScript becomes the 1st choice for the development of the web application on both the client and server side. It is not only explained as the fundamental basis of JavaScript. For example, regular expression, functions, recursion and closure are teaching on how to write a good code of JavaScript programming language.

The best part of Secretes of the JavaScript Ninja book is that each and every bit of theories is explained with a real code example from the most popular JavaScript libraries such as prototype and jQuery. John Resig is the author of this book that he is really helping you. It is targeted only beginners of JavaScript developers and even it is related to a new JavaScript programmer benefits by the catching concepts, which are ignored in the other JavaScript book. In short notes, the freelance services will guide you that must contain to read this book for a beginner or any web developer.

The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript: The main reason of JavaScript success is capable of object oriented, but you have first begun to learn JavaScript that looks like a scripting language. Because there is no class notion and do not need on any define objects to write a code. Nicholas C. Zakas is the author of this book and he was completely changed as an easy to understand a concept of JavaScript. It is explored as a nature of object oriented JavaScript and reveals a unique inheritance implementation and some other key characteristics. The best part of this book is a concise nature and explained all concepts in a good way. This book is to learn for both beginners as well as an experienced JavaScript developer. But you must know a basis of object oriented programming language to get out of this book. The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript book will teach you on how an object works in the JavaScript. Even if you know all concepts of object-oriented JavaScript, then you will find freelance websites and read famous JavaScript book.

JavaScript Patterns: This book is another great for beginner JavaScript programmers. It will teach some best way of developing real world application of JavaScript by teaching many JavaScript coding patterns and practices. Stoyan Stefanov is the author of the JavaScript Patterns. This book is effectively complemented as you can build much better application through coding and design pattern. The good part of this book is to avoid bad practice like to use a global variable, single variable declaration and much more. You will be learning why literal notation pattern is a simpler alternative to the constructor functions and various ways to define a JavScript function. Most important that you can learn various option from the available code reuse and inheritances in JavaScript.


Above mentioned books are the best JavaScript programming books for both beginners and experienced JavaScript developers. It contains a wide variety of JavaScript book helps you.  Also, you can understand JavaScript programming language from the various angles and becomes an expert of JavaScript developers. To begin with, you can choose Head First JavaScript book and slowly moved into advanced JavaScript book such as JavaScript Ninja. The JavaScript book is an ideal way searching freelance services for any Dot Net, C++ or Java programmers who want to learn JavaScript for your new projects.




Kitty Gupta