With all tools on the today’s market in the gaming industry, it is very easy rather than ever to get game development without formal education. That is not to say that if it’s easy to become a successful game developer or make a good game, people would like to play and you can get a start in an easy way. To be the professional game developer, you need to a great creativity, programming and coding skills. There is no any tool available to handle it and then you can make a good game designer. If you’re an amateur to try your own hands at the developing games, you cannot need to get disheartened but few tools help for you get started. You may have a thought of creating a stunning game that featured in an exciting combat with a great universe and creepy conversation. Every task can see an impossible and many fantasies that your powerful mind can imagine. You have imagined hire freelancers programmer, artists, then you have enrolled to study of game development or open a new studio and brings your imagination onto the screen.

Game development is much difficult and complicated than many people imagine, but it is not impossible. Like every cycle of other software development if you can keep a basic principle, derivative and learning of a game intact and grasp their theories by the mastering of basic program with graphics learning, then you can give a right direction to your thought and imagination. This is a right way you may attract eyes of few game development firms searching for the talented all-rounder. There is nothing that may stop you from becoming game developer as well as you have to motivate it. There are many tools to find out in the web of internet world to get and started if you are working on your system. These tools will help you to get an insight of the process of game development.

Top five game development tools:

  1. Construct 2: The Construct 2 is one of the best options if you have never to write code line in your life. This tool is completely used for GUI driven that means everything is drag and drop. Game variables and logics are implemented by using design feature that provides the app. Coding is unavailable even if you need to write their codes. Construct 2 is exported to the dozens of many different formats and platforms. You do not have to change the single thing in game to be accommodated these different options. Your game is done and then you can be exported to the Windows, store, Facebook, Web store or HTML5. With the paid copy, you can export to iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and much more.
  2. Game Maker – Studio: A studio is a very easy to understand, flexible and deceptively game that makes only available program. A studio is one of a perfect game creator for a new game developer. It caters to an expert of game creator, who creates stunning 2D game with their studio’s help built in script of game maker language. With this software tool, users can be imported as an animation, character sprite, font and effortless to create your own game. The game developers create appealing in a clear visual and high quality of physics that are based on the 2D game with the assist of software program shader effect and support to Bo X 2D physics engine. Studio expert module is allowed all gamers to create, build and export of multiple executables in many different game platforms at the push of button. This tool is quite popular among the freelance gigs and expert developer.
  3. Unity: If you are not beginner and you have few experiences or programming knowledge, then unity will definitely be your choice of program. The unity software tool is not the 1st rank in this list it because it is extremely intimidating to learn for the complete solution of beginners. This limitation and fact of pro license is much expensive and required if you are making steady profit of your own creation. Unity is easy to understand, powerful program and flexible on this it. This software tool is having tons of support, own built-in IDE, asset to purchase and ability to make all the kinds of 2D as well as 3D games. If you want to drive in a right way, then you are real to make a 3D game or some changes in the background of programming language. Unity is one of the right choices for you while freelance gigs can continue at the end of entry.
  4. Godot engine: The Godot engine is an open source and it’s completely free to be used for commercial or personal use. You can create an own game and even edit engine if you desire. There is no royalty, subscription, and tributes necessary. You have to passable of C++ programming skill and concept to begin a new video game. You can also create a cross platform of 2D game or 3D game right out of your gate. Godot engine may light on a wallet and it’s never light on the features. It is offered an integrated development environment, which is similar to the paid engine and adding new features.
  5. Unreal engine 4: If you are looking to create an own game with the AAA graphics without any writing of single code line and looks no other further process. The unreal engine 4 is having a plenty of useful programmers like C++ that allows all designers to be dabbled in making a game with an ingenious blueprint system. With this blueprint system, there is no needed for any laborious coding. Unreal engine has been powered by the franchise game like Tekken 7 to Indie gems such as Abzu. Previously, an unreal engine was available to the game developers with serious money to burn. Nowadays, you can get an own hands on the copy of free unreal engine 4 and then if you are agreed to the 5 percent royalty whatever you earn cash.


If you are interested in making an own video game, then there is an enormous number of video game development tools waiting to utilize and also audience is waiting to play it. Above mentioned tools are familiarized yourself with them and then you can see what works you and your teammates.  With all options available to you and then you will hire freelancers that are suitable for requirements in no time.



Kitty Gupta