Artificial intelligence is mainly to surpass or reproduce an ability that requires intelligence if the humans were to be performed them. These are including sensory interaction and understanding, learning and adaptation, reasoning and planning, autonomy, extracting knowledge, optimized procedure and parameter, creativity and other predictions from a large and diverse digital data. The application of artificial intelligence is near close to diverse and ranges from understandable data of healthcare to adaptive and autonomous robotic system, smart chain supply, content creation and game design.

If you will post freelance jobs free, then the public would accept to work and trust system based on the artificial technologies. The researchers should be acknowledged and demonstrated as an importance of both public engagement and responsible innovation in the proposals. There are many areas such as computer game and RAS that offers a prospect for artificial intelligence to be inspired in the next generation of a computer scientist. The top ten connections between the research areas with EPSRC research portfolio. In depth of segment is related to the grant value and width of segment related to other grants that are shared by the research areas.

List of 10 hottest AI technologies:

Artificial intelligence technologies are flourishing that beyond heightened and hype media attention, many startups and required internet giant racing them. There is significantly increased in an adoption and investment by different enterprises. In the previous year, Narrative Science survey has found that thirty-eight percent of enterprises used in artificial intelligence and growing up to sixty-two percent by 2018. A Forrester research predicted is greater than three hundred percent, which is increased your investment in AI 2017 when compared with 2016. An IDC is estimated that artificial intelligence market will be growing from $8 million since 2016 to above $47 million in the year of 2020.

In 1955, coined was described to a new computer science subdiscipline. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is including a wide variety of tools and technologies, which is based on the time-tested and relatively to others new. The freelance designer gives some list of artificial intelligence technologies that are given below.

  1. Generation of natural language: Artificial intelligence is produced text from the computer data. Currently, it is used in report generation, summarized business intelligence insight and customer service. The sample vendors like SAS, Lucid works, Digital reasoning, automated insights, Attivio, Cambridge semantic, Narrative science and Yseop.
  2. Speech recognition: Transform and Transcribe of human speech is converted into a useful format for a computer application. Speech recognition is presently used in mobile applications and interactive voice response system. A sample of vendor likes open text, nuanced communication, Verint system and NICE.
  3. Virtual agent: The present darling of media says forester would believe that they are evolved relationships with the Alexa. Virtual agent is used for a network with their humans from chat bots to an advanced system. Virtual agent is used for customer support, smart home manager and customer service. Sample vendors like Google, Amazon, Assist AI, Apple, Creative Virtual, Microsoft, IBM, Artificial Solutions, IP soft and Satisfi.
  4. Machine learning platform: It provides algorithm, development of API, data and training tools kit, as well as power, is computed to design, train and deployed model into an application, process and other machines. Machine learning platform is widely used in the range of an enterprise application and mostly involved in the classification or prediction. A sample vendor likes Google, Amazon, Sky tree, SAS, Fractal analytics, Microsoft and H2O. AI.
  5. Artificial intelligence optimized hardware: A GUI (Graphic Processing Unit) and an appliance is specifically architected and designed to an efficient way of running artificial intelligence oriented computational for the post freelance jobs free. Artificial intelligence optimized hardware is primarily to make a main difference between the deep learning applications. The sample vendors are IBM, Google, Nvidia, Intel, Alleviate and Cray.
  6. Decision management: Engines are inserted from logics and rules to artificial intelligence system. Decision management is primarily used in the wide variety of asserting or performing in the automated decision making and different enterprise application. Sample vendors like Informatica, UiPath, Advanced system concepts, pegasystem and Maana.
  7. Deep learning platform: This is one of the special types of machine learning that consists of an artificial neural network with the layer of multiple abstractions. The deep learning platform is used in recognition of pattern and classification of application, which are supported by the large data sets. Sample vendors are Saffron technology, Peltarion, Fluid AI, Deep instinct, sentient technologies, Math works and Ersatz labs.
  8. Biometrics: It enables natural interactions between the machines and humans, but not including to limited image, body language, speech and touch recognition. Biometrics is currently used in the research market. The sample vendors like Agnitio, Tahzoo, Synqera, Sensory, Affectiva, Agnitio, 3VR and Face First.
  9. Automation of robotic process: This process is used for a script and other methods to be automated from the action of humans to support an efficient business process. Robotic process automation is used where it is inefficient or too expensive and freelance designer for humans to be executing specific process or task. Sample vendors are Automation anywhere, Work fusion, UIPath, Blue prism and Advanced system concepts.
  10. NLP and Text analytic: NLP stands for Natural Language Processing that is used and supported by the text analytic in which facilitates an understanding concept of meaning, intent, sentiment and sentence structure via machine and statistical learning methods. Text analytics and natural language processing are used in the fraud detection as well as security. There is a wide range of an automated assistant and application for the mining unstructured data. A sample vendor likes Indico, Lexalytics, Knime, Synapsify, Sinequa, Mindbreeze, Expert system, Basic technology. Stratifyd and Coveo.


There are many benefits to gain your business from the artificial technologies nowadays. In according to the survey of Forrester is conducted by the last year in which has an obstacle to artificial intelligence adoption. It is expressed by various companies without any plan of investing artificial intelligence are as follows: There is an undefined case of business in forty-two percent, not clear what artificial intelligence used in thirty-nine percent, do not have a required skill of thirty-three percent and needs to invest in the modernizing data platform of twenty-nine percent.


Kitty Gupta