WhatsApp is specifically popular with all end users, who do not have an unlimited text messaging. In addition to the basic of text messaging, WhatsApp is providing group chat and sharing your location option. Technically speaking about the WhatsApp is used for customized version of an open standard XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). WhatsApp Messenger was founded in the year of 2009 by the Jan Koum and Brain action both are veterans of Yahoo.

WhastApp has one of the commanding leads in a user volume over the other messaging applications and services, but the competitors are nipping at the heels.  These messaging services have in fact of driven from traditional message to extinction but they have anyone vital limitation. WhatsApp messenger or other messaging apps are required an active connection of mobile data. This is specifically issued to post freelance jobs free when you’re moving on the network service provider that would be charging more for roaming sake. Then what if you need to use without having any internet connection?

Before you can start thinking let’s warned you WhatsApp cannot be used without internet connection but it is done by no active data pack.  Do not get misleading information by the viral messages over the net that provides a link for WhatsApp with no internet connection. Apparently, two messages with their similar content went out of viral message on the net at this year. It is worth noted that there is any work around to use WhatsApp on the Smartphone with no active data pack. However, you want to be using ChatSim for the purpose of the same. The Just name denotes that the ChatSim is a SIM card for the real word and not another app on your play store or Apple Store.

What is ChatSim?

The most probably question on the minds could be what is exactly ChatSim further ado lets to give and use it as well as tell you on how its work. ChatSim is the 1st kind of SIM card that is allowed to use more popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, Hike, Messenger and WeChat. These messaging services are more popular around the world with an irrespective of active data connection.

Main advantage of using ChatSim:

ChatSim is working on the one hundred and fifty countries all over the world with no incur any extra charge. It is technically provided with the number of Jersey from the British Island and makes it use Jersey telecom as a carrier for the SIM card. This is a club with enormous global SIM solutions such as Telestial Passport and Contiki eKit. However, the freelance designer is worth noting that a base variant of ChatSim without adding any niceties, which is capable of sending message and emoji across the many other chatting platforms such as WhatsApp for the time period of one year. However, this does not include any service of sending a multimedia file like video, image, and audio. For doing, you can require a sign-up process for the same way by paying any additional cost.

Buy ChatSim and how much cost of ChatSim in India:

You can buy the ChatSim in India or throughout the world, ChatSim is charged for 10 Euros for only SIM card and an additional cost of 10 Euros for an activation of Free WhatsApp and messaging services for 12 months time period. However, the cost of ChatSim is a slightly high cost in India. Each ChatSim SIM card is charging on the Rs. 900 and it’s also including messaging service. With the standard shipping escalate; the cost of ChatSim is Rs. 2369. Then the optional one of fast delivery service is available at the highest price.  You will select an additional feature like WhatsApp calling or send any media file at the starting range of Rs. 900, Rs. 2250, Rs. 45000 and so on. In addition to this, each cost gives a variable amount of minutes in calling purpose with the cap of video files and images that can send.

Should you buy the ChatSim?

Chosen for ChatSim is mainly depending on your usage. If any person will post freelance jobs free for frequently to move on the official trip, then you will often to use messaging service like WhatsApp staying in touch with your closed ones. In fact, it will help you for saving lots of money. However, ChatSim is not quite more useful for anyone, who does not go abroad as its effective to recharge your mobile phone with the 1GB data around the cost of Rs. 150 (that is the approximate cost of one year is Rs. 1800). This will not allow using WhatsApp, but many other services in which you need.

Steps to send messages without internet connection:

  • First, you want to buy ChatSim SIM card for one year time period in which the cost of Rs. 950.
  • After that, you need to be activating ChatSim with your number.
  • Enter the twenty digit verification code number on your sim card.
  • Once your sim card is activated and then you send text messages.
  • This sim card will also work for voice calling and media.

How to send messages without an internet connection?

ChatSim SIM card would like a normal SIM card so you can use your mobile phone, which is manufactured in Italy. By inserting ChatSim SIM card in your phone, you can make to communicate and call with your family and friends as well as you can use WhastApp messenger without an internet connection. Not only WhatsApp, you can be used other messaging apps such as Hike, WeChat, BBM and much more.


The best option is available to use WhatsApp without having any active data plan. The freelance designer is worth noted that there are a few options available, but most people are not using or frauds. However, there is something like too called as WhatsApp Bluetooth messaging, which is used for your mobile phone Bluetooth to be using WhatsApp. Again Bluetooth means a short range communication so you would like to chat with your friends or family sitting beside you.

Kitty Gupta