Someone who wants to create a business or creating new things and he has blossomed into a fully functional product. You feeling something like that such as you start imagining, you get excited, and you can’t sleep.

Before investing any time and money in business, you need to validate your idea. To validate your thoughts from young entrepreneurs is the best way. Here are some tips for using incline some market validation to confirm whether you have a product/market fit to real customers. By directly engaging with real people you can validate your idea and solve a problem. Hire freelancers who have knowledge about your sector.

Market Research

Market research means data that tests the product concept against the potential target. Market research gets done through primary research and secondary research. Primary research that you conduct yourself, it is the data that you collect from email outreach, and from the survey. Secondary research means reading other people’s research such as their article and white papers regarding business. For start-ups, research focuses on general research and competitive analysis.

Believe your Idea:

A great idea should be discussed with the right people to know the viability of your idea. Talk with only that people you trust and whose opinion you value. Think about their advice and feedback and the benefit you get from their input are priceless.

Build your product concept:

Before creating the product you should ask the following question to yourself and answering few questions that you can go out. Hire freelancers who have knowledge about your verticle as well as software development.

Who is your customer?

First of all, find out you customers. If you say that everyone is your customer, then it becomes difficult to you. At first, you should get a particular client. If your client is a businessman, then find out what kind of business?  Is it your customer is in particular market?

What problem should you solve first?

Many of entrepreneurs think about the product first and worry about the features launch the product. Instead of worrying about the feature think about what problem your product solves? Write down these problems and also validate that customers also face that problem and think that is your product solving that entire problem.

What are features of your product?

The features of your product solve the particular problem. Also, think about that is your product is time-saving cost effective? You should think minimum viable product and limit the features as much as possible. Post Freelance Projects Online to get an idea about similar projects and their features.

Validate your Idea

To spend years working on the project and devote your life to it, first of all, prove your idea. It will take some weeks and cost, but these are very important. Create product and take a suggestion from customers and find out what they think about your idea.

Create a Landing page:

Create a landing page with a clear call to action. For creating this landing page instead of hiring the designer, you can find the great looking template and purchase them. If you want some initial concept, some free option is also available. Create a campaign on Google AdWords and run it for several days. It will help you for taking some decision about your business and also know about your customer interest. You should also use Google analytics for your landing page so that you should be aware of conversion rate and conversion rate should be above 15. Create Facebook page and Twitter accounts and tweets daily so that customer know about your business

Crowdsourcing site:

Crowdsourcing site allows users to purchase your product and increase money for the initial order. The main problem is that treating this as MVP because MVP is long iteration cycle and suppose to be updated, but most of the crowdsourcing platform work against this idea. There are some markets that work well; Pebble is great that allows you to get the funding needed to produce a physical product that you may not have been able to otherwise.

Start your Firm

To get out to the market as soon as possible. Initially instead of creating a full feature product just creates a functional one. Take advantage from your users and learn from them. Once you perform that test, you move on and remember that you have a long road ahead. You should always stay positive believe in your product and never give up. To reach out to potential customers through the network of friends, mentors, and investors. It means that you are establishing some potential unfairness into your learning.

Find out the value of proposition:-

Instead of focusing on features more focus on the value of proposition for their product. What is the value of proposition? A value of proposition means that customer is receiving gain from the product. Product must be time-saving, cost effective and may be a social benefit. The value of preposition directly tied to the problem that you discovered.

Liking your idea is not means that buying your product

Test your idea with the perspective customer is subjective. You need to be suspicious about accepting their answer at face value. If any customer tells you that this idea is great, your first reaction is that follow it first. If someone likes your idea, it does not mean they are buying your product. Validation is eliminating false positive as much as possible. Post Freelance Projects online so that people know about your project.


Profit is the most important concept for any businessman point of view. This approach is build up by knowledge and by selling something that they know there is re-established and a strong market for desired industry. From the market, the entrepreneur creates a client, and if they brand themselves, they should test the idea. You get the best profit if you sell your product under the brand and it also helps you to grow your customers.


There are a lot of approaches validate your start-up ideas. Here you find some ideas that help you start your business and product. It is not necessary you follow all that idea mention above you can also build your unique idea regarding your successful business.