There is a list of programming languages are available for developing an artificial intelligence project such as Python, POP-11, C++, MATLAB, Java, Lisp, and Wolfram language. In this article, you find How Java programming works with Artificial Intelligence.

The main feature of Java is Java virtual machine. Java virtual machine is an abstract machine and is available in many hardware and software platform. Java virtual machine performs an operation like loads code, verifies code, provide a runtime environment, and executes code. Java virtual implementation is known as Java Runtime Environment whenever Java command write on command prompt to run java class an instance of JVM Creates. The major strength of programming language is that it is an object-oriented programming language, highly secured, portable, main ability, and robust programming language. Java is the best choice because it offers an easy way to code algorithm and artificial intelligence consists of a lot of algorithms such as search algorithms, natural language algorithm, and neural networks. Java also allows for scalability which is the best feature for AI projects.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that works on the creation of an intelligent machine that works and reacts like a human. AI works same as how human brain thinks and how human decide and work while trying to solve a problem and as result of this study developing intelligent software and system. The basic concept of AI is Learning, Planning, and problem solving. Programming artificial intelligence with Java has many benefits such as better user interaction, simplified work with large scale projects, facilitated visualization, and easy use of debugging. One more best reason of programming AI in Java is Standard Widget Toolkit this features make graphics and interface to look attractive and stylish. You can hire freelancers to work on this task which may be a research task at your startup.

Genetic Algorithm

The genetic algorithm includes all type of algorithm that works in the different sectors such as reproduction, mutation, and fitness. The genetic algorithm in Java creates a new code from existing code using randomization and selection against the fitness model. Genetic programming is the application of the genetic algorithm to programming. Java has the standard API that allows discovering and invoking standard methods. The Java language architecture has the strong ability to invoke a method dynamically. Using Java programmer can compile and compose files on the fly and another important tool to the GA developer.  Some programs are better to write in software rather than humans. Suppose developer develop a program against the fitness test it works faster than it did the by manually. The fitness test would always include the size of generated output and speed of compiler execution.

Application of Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java


Ai plays an important role in strategic gaming such as chess, tic tac, and poker. Most of the games are plays using a well-defined set of rules. Artificial intelligence makes it possible by defining the set of rule and easily represent in a computer. For solving the large complex structure of gaming AI used the heuristic technique.

Natural Language Understanding:

Natural language understanding means it is possible to interact with the computer that understands the natural language that speaks by a human.

Expert system:

The word expert means you can do anything and you have complete knowledge. There are few applications integrated into the machine, and they provide explanation and advice to the user. The main goal of the expert system is that to solve the specific problem from expert and load that tricks in computer and available to other users. How to load the solution and tricks of the expert load on the computer till now research will be going on. You should find freelancers to work on these exceptional tasks.

Computer Vision:

This system understands and interprets visual input on the computer.  The simple task to attach the camera to the computer so that computer can receive the visual image. The goal of computer vision research is that computer understanding the environment. Nowadays one of the uses of computer vision is in the area of robotics. The airplanes take the photo which is used to map the area.


A robot is a machine which is working same as a human. The robot is an electro mechanical device that performs the manual task. They consist of a sensor that detects the physical data from real world such as heat, temperature, sound, and pressure. They have well organized processors and huge memory to perform intelligence. The robot performs some important task such as move material, parts, tools, and specialized device.

Planning and decision support:

To achieve a complex goal, you may require the construction of detailed plan. Intelligent planning performs an important task in designed to provide the active support in the planning process.

Neural architecture:

All of us know that people are more intelligent than a computer. Artificial intelligent researchers are always trying to make computers intelligent. Sometimes human may not be able to solve some problem make a reasonable guess as to its solution. When you use neural architecture, the knowledge acquired gets distributed around the network.

Heuristic Classification:

The word heuristic means to find the problem and give the solution to that problem. Heuristic search technique required a lot of knowledge for solving complex artificial intelligence problem. That problem gets resolved by Heuristics Classification. The best example of a heuristic search is that information about the owner of a credit card, his record of payment and item he is buying.

Handwriting recognition: The technique of handwriting recognition is that software read the text written on paper by the pen. It identifies the shape of the letters and converts it to editable text.

Speech recognition:

Speech recognition is the technique in which computer can understand the human speech. Speech recognition divides into two types. Discrete speech recognition and continuous speech recognition in discrete speech recognition people can interact with a computer in mother tongue with certain time gaps. In continuous speech recognition, people interact with a computer in mother tongue and without putting a time gap between word and sentences. If you can’t find the right people to do this work, you can post freelance jobs online.

Summary: This article gives the information regarding artificial intelligence programming in Java. It covers the different application of Artificial Intelligence programming in Java and also gives the basic knowledge about working of the genetic algorithm. Java is the excellent language to develop an artificial intelligence application than any other languages.

Kitty Gupta