What is a red hat? How big is it? Why is it so important? What is the procedure for certification? What is a qualification for certification?  How much time does it take for certification? What is the syllabus of certification? What is my qualification after certification? What can I do after certification? Whichever service is in high demand, you can get freelance services for the same.

Started in 1993 by Bob Young the ACC Corporation used to sell Linux and UNIX software accessories. In 1994 Marc Ewing stared his distribution which he named Red Hat Linux because he was using a red hat used and gifted by his grandfather during his college days. In 1995 both the companies got merged when Young bought Ewing`s business. On 11th August 1999, Red Hat went public and achieved the eighth biggest first day gain in the history of Wall Street. That’s how the Red Hat giant we know today was born.

Today Red Hat is in more than 43 countries with more than 75 offices and 10,250+ employees. With revenue of 2.4 billion US dollars.

Why is Red Hat Certification so important?

In the year 1991 Linus Torvald invented Linux and kept it open source. It means no need to buy a licensed version of Linux and use it in closed conditions of development. Linux is free to get, and you can also modify it as you want without any restriction. When rest of the world was fumbling with back and head-crunching work these people were writing programs to make things simple and easy. Later people came to know about computer and software. Anyone who was buying a computer was in need of software too, so he was getting it from Red Hat. Red Hat started providing customized software to large enterprises. Fortune 500 and others are on the customer list of Red Hat. That’s how it became a technology giant in the 21st century. You can find freelance jobs online from various websites.

Same chance is given to you thanks to Linus Torvald so how will you develop or debug any software in Linux without knowing about it? That’s why we need more software professionals who can understand Linux and work with it. From 1999 Red Hat stared certification. So now you can learn from Red Hat about the program and work accurately with a certificate on your side to prove your skills. As software industry is in the boom, these certifications are helping you a better way to understand, enhance, sharp and prove your Linux skills to the world.

The main intention of Red hat certification is to administrator, architect, developer and system administration. It is important for cloud and virtualization administration who used RHEL in IT infrastructure. The main aim of this course is that candidate become proficient in RHEL with performance based certificate. The exam of this certification course is not same as any other certification course. If you have to pass this exam you have to complete real world task using Red Hat technology. Nowadays Red Hat offers a candidate to give exam according to their flexible schedule, but you have to do an exam on a secured system in a professionally proctored testing center. The centers are available in some selected Country such as United States, Asia, and Europe.

Here is some Red Hat certification course that benefits to your Carrier Paths such as Red Hat Certified Engineer, Red Hat Certified System Administration, and Red Hat Certified Architect. All of them are popular certification courses of Red Hat. It also includes some categories credentials Camel Management, Configuration Management, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics, performance and much more.

You need to get through a proper pipeline to reach to the top of course. According to your knowledge about Linux, you can choose basic to advance course. You can see the courses are available in various fields of database administration to latest mobile application development. You can choose the course as per your area of interest. It takes minimum four days to maximum 90 days for training. You can select the mode from the class room, online, virtual or onsite with or without examination. There are various centers for examination as well as training centers from Red Hat. Red Hat also provides training and examination on site also according to your demand.

After certification, you can apply directly in Red Hat or any other organization. It gives a wide variety of jobs to for selection. As per your knowledge and project requirement, your package gets decided. You can work on various technologies from latest mobile application development, cloud system to network authentication or security services. There is always something new to learn, modify or develop.

Your certification will boost your CV to enter professionally in an organization. As Linux is for Servers, online technologies, websites, and mobile apps you can join anything. Linux is everywhere, so there is no restriction of fields with this technology. According to your requirement, you get required Freelance Services.

Successful Users:

Some of the successful users of Linux are Swisscom, FICO, Bombay Stock Exchange, Cisco, Adobe, Department of Defense in the UK, Atos fore UK government to improve communication and services. Acuity system in the US helps government use data for a better citizen service, Korean Broadcasting Station, Horizon power, Lenovo, LeShop.ch. The government of the Jalisco state in Mexico, Herzog Technologies using the cloud to keep railroads on track, Avianca airlines for better customer experience, ADP, POSCO, CIBIL are some of the clients of Red Hat. So after completing a certification from Red Hat, you can open the world of new possibilities for yourself. One should always find freelance jobs online from trusted sources.


In this article, you get a complete guidance about Red Hat Certification course. Also, you get information how this certification course is advantageous to your career. There are many certification courses available in this Program, but according to your knowledge about Linux, you choose a basic advance course for Linux. Select a specific area of certification according to your interest.

Kitty Gupta