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Q # 1) What is testing automation?

Automation testing or test automation system is to automate the manual testing of the test device/system being tested. Automation Test includes the use of an independent testing tool that allows you to create test scripts that can run multiple times and does not require any guide.  You may need to find freelancers

Q # 2) What are the advantages of automation testing?

The advantages of automation are:

  • It supports the execution of the circumstances to repeat the scan
  • Help verify a huge test matrix
  • This enables parallel execution
  • Encourages no enforcement oversight
  • Improves precision and reduces error generated by people.
  • Save time and money

Q # 3) Why should I be chosen as a selenium of research instruments?


  • It is free and open to supply
  • They have a great base of people and help communities
  • Having a browser compatibility browser (Firefox, Chrome, Web browser, Safari, and so on). Try and hire freelancers online
  • They have good platform support (Windows, Mac OS, Linux and so on).
  • It supports a couple of programming languages ​(Java, C #, Ruby, Python, Pearl and many others).
  • This is a fresh and typical deposit feature
  • It supports distributed tests

Q # 4) What is Selenium? What are the outstanding components of selenium?

Selena is certainly one of the most modern apartments of automated tests. Selenium’s technique is designed to help motivate and test automation of sensitive application headquarters and a wide range of browsers and systems. Because of its existence within the open supply of the group, it has emerged as one of the most trusted vitalists among instrument testing experts.

Selenium is not only a software or utility but a little testing instrument package for the same reason as it is known as a collection. Each of these tools is designed to meet the requirements of atmospheric testing and unique experimentation.

The whole package is from the following groups of instruments:

Selenium Built Environment In Progress (IDE) – Selena IRO is a document and playback software. It is assigned as Firefox. You may need to find freelancers to help solve it.

Selenium Remote (RC) – Selenium RC is a server that allows users to create a script experiment in a convenient programming language. It also allows the search to run scripts in a large selection of browsers.

Selen WebDriver – WebDriver is a different asset circuit that has several advantages over selenium RH. WebDriver communicates directly from the web browser and uses native automation support.

Selen Grid – Selen Grid is used to distribute execution of experiments on more than one platform and at the same time environments.

Q # 5) What are the forms of evidence that a selenium can be stimulated?

  • Selene helps test the following varieties:
  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing

Q # 6) What are the obstacles of selenium?

The following are the barriers of selenium:

  • Selenium supports the test of the most effective web-based purpose
  • Cellular functions cannot be set up using selenium
  • Captcha and barcode readers can be tested by using selenium not
  • Stories can only be generated with 0.33 socializing tools like TestNG or JUnit.
  • As selenium is a free device, therefore it does not help the supplier even if a person can find the many communities they serve.
  • It is anticipated that a person has the previous abilities of programming language.

Q #8) When do I have to use Selenium IDE?

Selenium IRO is the easiest and simplest of all the instruments within the selenium package. Documenting your property and reproduction makes it practical to be trained specifically for minimal cronies in any programming language. Selen IRO is the best tool for naive consumers.

Q #9) What is Selenese?

Selenese is the language used to write a written selenium IDE exam.

Q # 10) What are the only types of selenium proteins?

The locator is called a contract that identifies a unique online element within a website. Therefore, in order to determine the factors responsible for the internet and are just one of the forms of selenium-type litters:

  • ID card
  • Class name
  • identify
  • labelName
  • Text link
  • PartialLinkText
  • XPath
  • CSS voter
  • HOME

Q # 11) What is the difference between the state and confirm the instructions?

Claims: Confirm command if the condition is true or false. Tell me if the look is a gift given on the website or not. If the situation is the correct manipulation of the application will run the next step of the test, but if the condition is false, execution is interrupted and can not do any further research.

Confirmation: Confirm command also evaluates whether some is correct or incorrect. There was a real or false situation; the program did not stop S.I. Any failure during the check does not stop the execution anymore and all the steps of the trial can be performed.

Q # 12) what is XPath?

XPath is used to find the Internet aspect-oriented to the XML address. XML is an abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language and is used for details, organizing and executing arbitrary data. Merchant key-value data can be a lot like a para of HTML tags. Both languages ​are for and because it falls under umbrellas like, XPath can be used to find HTML elements.

The main at the back finding of factors by using XPath is relocating more than a factor across the entire page, thus allowing the user to find items with respect to the other detail.

Q # 13) What is the difference between “/” and “//” XPath?

Minimize only “/” – only the sidewalk used to create XPath with the absolute path S.I. XPath can be created starting from the node determined by the registration/start node.

Double Scale Back “//” – Double down use to create XPath direction in relation to S.I. XPath will be created to start a decision from anywhere in the log.

Q # 15) When Should I Use Selenium Grid?

The Selenium Network can be used to run scripts or examinations that are equivalent to more than one system and browser at the same time so that you can reap the assigned experiment, tested in a unique environment, and saves the significant time of execution.

Q #16) what does Selenium Selenium 1 and 2 mean?

Selenium RC and WebDriver in combination are popularly referred to as Selenium 2. Selenium RC for itself also known as Selenium 1.

Q # 17) what is the latest Selenium tool?

Web driver

Q # 18) How do I run the browser using WebDriver?

  • The following syntax can be used to run Browser:
  • WebDriver FirefoxDriver driver = new ();
  • WebDriver ChromeDriver driver = new ();
  • InternetExplorerDriver regulator WebDriver = new ();

Q # 20) What are the extraordinary varieties to expect expected WebDriver?

There are two ways to wait in WebDriver:

  • Implicitly expected
  • Explicitly wait

Expected implies: implicit waiting is used to provide a predetermined set time (say 30 seconds) between each step/command to scan in a row with all the input of the script. Therefore, the next step Test will be more effective when after performing the previous step / previous scanning order 30 seconds passed.

Wait Explicitly: An explicit wait is used to stop the execution until the time has passed the detailed state or the most time. Not as an implicit wait, waiting for a concrete example is used for a certain handiest.

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