Lua is a lightweight, compact and fast programming language designed as an embedded scripting language. This multiplatform language has a simple syntax with powerful constructs to describe knowledge. Lua looks for simplicity, small dimensions, performance, and portability. It has automated the management of reminiscence and garbage collection, what are the best configuration, scripts, and rapid prototype. Try to hire freelancers now.

Within the reputation, Lu lags behind the word Python, Perl or Ruby for scripting purposes. A Lua is not designed to strengthen independent software. However, the Lua place stands out as a secondary language. Witness Lua is being developed in kernels, tools, and games. For the latter, love is useful to point out. It is a candy box that should be used to create other video games in Live.

Lua is a free application distributed under the terms of the MIT license. Developers include lions crew to Rio, Catholic Pontificia teaching of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The language has been in progress for more than two decades.

The purpose of this work is an excellent selection of free books that support lua master developers.

  1. Lua (for Beginners)

Website www.Dropbox.Com

Creator Ignatz

Structure PDF

Page 83

Lua for newcomers (beginner) is an unofficial guide designed to present a good introduction to the Lue sector. It covers the basics, Lue, taking the reader step by step through language. Comes with exercises for the digitization of information.

The manual is incomplete in some parts.

Covered chapters:


The main view of the result Lua-print

Variables – variable names, change variables, variable types, and delete variables

Provisions – suggests how decisions are made in Lavi. Primary covers If you are scanning, simple methods for creating layouts and mixing multiple exams


Lists – an introduction that protects lists from the date

More lists, tables, and loops – two-dimensional tables, table of designated facilities

Features – services developed, designing their own functions, non-binding variables, and setpoint, variable quantity of parameters and named parameters

Scope – includes “regional”

Playful Tasks Applied – Trick to Hang Up, Wimbledon and Download Movies

Lessons – explains the lessons with 3 examples


Classes and call back

Inheritance categories


Closing (zombic and variables)

Debugging and error with which they treat


  1. Programming in Lua

Www.Lua.Org/pil/ web

Author Roberto Ierusalimschy

Structure PDF

Page 261

Programming in Lua is legitimate as the book refers to the language, giving an excellent foundation for any programmer who wants to use Lou.

The chapters of the publication:

Language: types and values, expressions, declarations, services, more about features, iterations and normal, compilation, execution and error, and all examples Ut

Tables and objects: data structures, data and persistence documents, metadata and metameric, environment, application-oriented objects, and vulnerable table

General library: math library, tablet library, library series, library I / O, library operation procedures and debug library

C API overview C API, an extension of utility, C calling from Love, approaching C service writing, personally described varieties in C and resource management.

  1. Lua Manual (5.3 Reference)

Www.Lua.Org/manual/5.3 web

Writer Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, and Waldemar Celes

HTML structures

Pages –

This e-reference book describes version 5.3 of the Lua programming language and application interface application that allows interaction between Lua programs and their.Host C applications. The book presents a thoroughly thorough treatment of new Lu variations.

E-book explores:


General concepts – describe the basic norms of the language: values and types, the environment and the atmosphere in the world, handling errors, metadata, and metameric, garbage collection and corruption

Language – describes the lexicon, syntax, and semantics of Lua: lexical convention, variables, declarations, expressions and rules of visibility

Software interface application – describes the C API for Lua: stack dimension, legitimate and appropriate indexes, C closures, registry error that handles C, dealing with C returns, functions and manifolds, and debugging interface

Auxiliary Library – presents many opportunities to interact effortlessly C with Lua

General Library – provide very valuable skills that can be carried out directly through the C API: normal function, Ut manipulation, modules, handlebar support UTF-axis manipulation table, mathematical functions, input and output objects, and the debug library

  1. Programming in Lua Roberto Ierusalimschy


This book is a true and authoritative introduction to all the features of the program by using the leading Lua architects live.

Lua programming gives a good foundation for any programmer who needs to use Lua. It includes all the features of Lua – from the fundamentals to the API with the explanation of C, a good use of its elements and gives countless examples of codes. The guide is specific to people with basic programming skills, but of course, it does not assume any prior knowledge of Lavi or other scripting languages.

Ebook is running freely under Lua license.

5 e-books and guides on lua

And the inspiration would be a great opportunity to make a free e-book for LUA. If you want to learn RENOISE to expand recreational scripts or build a Web server, and references will help you get started with the language. You can use freelance services

Lua neighborhood makes asset disclosure for lean Lua really easy. Lua users wiki has a page that is committed to finding the language.

There is also an online demo center a place where you can enter the code and experiment with it.

The list consists of a list of the 5 best books that will be trained Lua online.

Tutorial Lua users

Lua user’s tutorial includes several character tutorials that are built together. Its goal is for absolute students who may not be accustomed to scripting languages.

Programming in Lua

The first adjustment in programming using Lua Robert Ierusalimschya should be without spending a penny an online. Ierusalimschy the executive architect Lue. The pamphlet is one written with Lua 5.Zero in mind (which is now the same as it now requires 5.1 and 5.2 alpha for verification), but it is still a good reference for beginners.

Gems of Lua programming

Lua programming gemstones arranged on L. H. De Figueiredo, W. Celes, and R. Ierusalimschy introduces more developed Lua principles. Components are available at no cost online. The entire eBook can also be purchased in print and in various digital formats.

Useful Lua Programming

Real Lua programming is ongoing Wikibook “under influence and based on the work of Paul Graham In Lisp”. It is assumed that the developers already experienced Lua.

Lua 5.1 Reference Guide

For those who just need to immerse themselves in the Reference Guide, the whole affair is that online at no cost.

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