Understand WordPress:

WordPress is an open source website creation tool. Open Source means you can modify, build upon, and redistribute the software in any way you like. This tool is the most powerful blogging and website content management tool. Hire freelancers online who have at least basic knowledge of WordPress.

WordPress initially started as a blogging platform but turned into a platform later. It uses PHP, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and CSS and many of Plugging, themes and widgets. WordPress is the easy to use and flexible for website creation. WordPress powers many of the sites on the Internet. Due to the robust feature of WordPress, many of the top brands use WordPress to create their website.

WordPress Platform provides different themes, and that theme allows developers to change the look of the sites without changing the actual coding of the site. In Early platform of websites, limited themes are available and that theme structured with PHP, HTML, and CSS. Now WordPress developers have created their theme. The WordPress theme is either Free or Premium (paid). The free themes are easily available in WordPress theme directory, and you need to purchase the Premium themes from the market place and individual developers.

WordPress Plug-ins are useful in extending the features and functionality of websites and blog. Every WordPress plugins have unique functionality. All plugins of WordPress should be updated properly. Otherwise it is function properly. Many of the Plugins available easily you have just to download them or install FTP files with WordPress dashboard. Plugins are also available in two categories either free or premium.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a word from the Dutch language but found in Belgium. Dries Buytaert created this language as a message board, but in January 2001, he took a decision and launched software behind drop.org and gave it the name as Drupal. People do not have to cost any money for to use the software. Many developers and expert testing it day by day. You can find freelance jobs online from various jobs portal sites.

Drupal is free open source software used by an individual or in groups. Those lacking technical skills that person easily create and manage many types of websites. Drupal is content management platform and framework development platform written in PHP. Initially Drupal was a tool only for creating smaller sites. Now using Drupal, the developer can easily create large websites. The software supports collaborative authority, image galleries, Peer to peer networking, file upload and download.

For creating Drupal sites source code has already written and designed by Drupal expert. When you want to create advanced work, you easily modified the sentence. Its inbuilt security is very strong. Drupal lock down whatever directory installed configuration files unable to access directly. Drupal provides security to many websites such as weforum.org, commerce.com, etc.

Drupal core to a higher level with a variety of contributed Drupal Modules. Drupal modules integrate and perfectly well with Drupal core. It is a fact that many modules work differently. This natural structure and built-in system of Drupal enhance the power of extending your Drupal websites. Hire freelancers online who have knowledge of Drupal.

The difference between WordPress and Drupal:-

Version Updates handled differently: – WordPress code gets upgraded on the background after few months, and this is a great feature for no developers. Plugins get updated after few months means tit work properly. Due to this lack of features sometimes you have to redesign your Whole websites.

WordPress is easy to learn than Drupal: – WordPress is easy to use and learn. It consists of a lot of inbuilt themes so that you can easily create any website using WordPress. Drupal is harder to use and for learning but it is the best option for creating a large website. If you have limited knowledge about how to build websites, then WordPress is the best way for the creation of websites. Using basic Knowledge, you can easily setup blog on word press within few minutes.

Cost: Both are open source freely available websites, but WordPress software already consists of a lot of themes and plugins than Drupal. The premium plugins and themes of WordPress are cheaper than Drupal.  Drupal is powerful and flexible. If you have knowledge regarding Drupal, then you can easily create a unique and efficient solution. Drupal is ideal for complex and highly customized sites so that it requires scalability and handle large numbers of content easily.

Security: WordPress has a lot of Plugins, but it is easily hacked by the hackers if plugins of the website are not updated properly. Drupal has a high level of Security and provides you security report.

Apps for Admins: – WordPress has an app through this you can update your site on Mobile. Drupal does not provide such type of app you have to update your site on the desktop.

B: WordPress was originally a blogging platform and it has created a large volume of content, but it becomes slower due to vast data. Drupal can support large websites and also support thousands of pages and thousands of users read these pages simultaneously.

Search Engine Optimization: To do search Engine optimization of WordPress site is easier than Drupal sites and WordPress site rank higher than Drupal sites. The loading pages in Drupal Created websites take more time than WordPress sites.


The functionality of Drupal tool is deeper than WordPress functionality. Drupal has a lot of features, but you don’t know how to use it then it becomes complex to anyone. If you have to use multiple contents and want to give a template to every page, then Drupal is the best than WordPress. Using Drupal, you can have content editors, individual access to private content and much more and it also able to support the multiple sites stakeholders. One should always find freelance jobs online from trusted sources.


In this article, you get knowledge of WordPress and Drupal basics.   The difference between both. Both have best features for creating websites but in which platform you want to create your website is depend on your knowledge and requirement of that sites.

Kitty Gupta