SEO is a complex task, and it requires a lot of knowledge to master it. There are a lot of SEO plugins available which is very useful to manage your pages, custom post formats. If you want to create your brand presence and increase more traffic to your site, using different WordPress plugins you can do this easily. WordPress is the excellent content management system, and there are some amazing Plugins available which are very useful to make your site SEO friendly. Following are some best WordPress plugins for SEO. Find freelancers who have knowledge of WordPress Plugins for SEO.

WordPress Plugins for SEO

Yoast SEO

If you want to increase traffic to your site, Yoast SEO is the second best plugins in the category with 5 out of 4 rating. Yoast SEO is the free plugins which are very useful to optimize your websites, image titles, Meta descriptions and XML site map. Joost de Valk, an SEO expert, developed a Yoast SEO plugins. He is not the best SEO expert, but he is the best plugin developer. This tool has a lot of features such as technical WordPress Search engine optimization, page analysis tool and XML sitemaps functionality. To make your site social friendly this plugin also includes the twitter metadata and Facebook open graphs. But mostly it is used for On Page SEO and used as a tool WordPress user to understand how the post is optimised before it gets published. It also provides you Custom boxes to place Meta description and keyword tags. Yoast SEO plugins make the complete analysis of links and provide you rating out of 100%.

All in one SEO Pack

One of the most advanced plugins built for the e commerce, online business, and magazines. It got released in 2007 and up to that 14 million plus downloads and 3.8 average rating out of 5. It has excellent features and one of the most advance SEO plugins. Michael Torbert develops all in one SEO and offers a professional version of this add-on. If you want to use this tool you need not require the experience to get started you have to simply input the right data in the right fields and use this plugin. All in One SEO Pack can override any settings, automatic generation of META tags, XML sitemap, and Google analytic support. It also helps you to avoid duplicate content which creates negative impact to search engine ranking. If you are a blogger and you don’t know how to add Meta description and Meta keyword for your blog, all in one is a tool which automatically generates Meta description and Meta Keywords for your blog post.

SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor is one of the most powerful WordPress SEO plugins to improve traffic, and it can manage all your pages, custom, and post with the well guided approach. It has in built keyword research tool which automatically finds the keyword and using drag drop you can easily insert the keyword into your content. Once you post the article, it analyses the whole article and provides you score. It checks all the image tag and helps you to optimize the images on the page. This tool also helps you to manage the internal linking and assign link depending on the specific keyword. It is complete SEO plugin which optimizes your images, social media, and keywords. You can hire freelancers online who have knowledge of SEO plugins.

W3 Total Cache

Any blogger who wants Performance and user friendliness of site W3, the Total cache is one of the most important plugins to increase your site performance. If your site performance is good, then it automatically increases the ranking of your site. Using this plugin, you can increase 10X the overall performance of your site.

Broken Link Checker

Managing a blog becomes difficult if your blog contains a lot of content. Broken link Checker tool, as the name suggests that it check broken links and missing images. These tools keep watch on your website and notify you regarding any broken links. The best features of this tool are that it can detect any link that doesn’t work, option to give broken links a different appearance in the post. It also examines pages, monitor link in the post, comment and even custom field. It is a powerful tool with more than 400000 with high ratings. Find freelancers who have great knowledge of SEO, and different plugins provided by WordPress

SEO Cleaner

SEO clean helps you in optimizing and writing your pages and post. It is a simply user-friendly plugin with a lot of options available and helps you get rid of not useful Meta tags. Many WordPress by default creates DNS prefect for external domains like Google web fonts. It loads the additional scripts and styles to load emoji and detect device type. It allows you to remove unused Meta tags scripts, styles, and HTTP headers.

SEO Optimized image

Using this tool, you optimize not only the images but also your blog content. If your image is optimized properly, then it will automatically increase your ranking and also help you to increase traffic through Google images search. Using SEO Optimised image plugins you automatically insert SEO friendly alt and title attributes into every image. If you want to optimise every image for your WordPress blog use SEO Optimised image plugins and it will also help you to avoid image related SEO mistakes in future.

Google Site Map

This tool has a speciality that it will quickly submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster and Bing. It is the simple and most powerful tool and supports many post formats. If your theme supports different style for contents like video, Gallery, and quote, etc. Google sitemap also includes them into your sitemap. It is the most important feature of this tool that is usually not available in another tool. You can hire freelancers who have great knowledge of Google site map Plugin.


There are thousand WordPress Plugins available, but in this article, you can see the best WordPress plugins for SEO. These plugins help you to make your site SEO friendly that automatically drives traffic to your site. Each plugin has unique features, and you can download it according to your requirement.